Beauvillier steals Horvat’s thunder in first Isles-Canucks clash since big trade

Anthony Beauvillier and Bo Horvat both buried one player each against their former teams on Thursday.  (Getty)
Anthony Beauvillier and Bo Horvat both buried one player each against their former teams on Thursday. (Getty)

Despite all the attention Bo Orvat received for his first game against his former team, it was easy to forget that Anthony Beauvillier was also a key part this blockbuster trade.

The Islanders also couldn’t ignore the influence of Beauvillier, who scored the winning goal as the Canucks thrashed the Islanders 6-5 on Thursday.

Beauvillier and Canucks upset the Islanders

While Horvath now has a two-goal streak, the Islanders themselves have seen their four-game winning streak go to waste.

Earlier in the game, Beauvillier caused a stir in front of the net during a Canucks goal that was credited to Oliver-Ekman Larsson. There were at least some thoughts that Beauvillier might have flipped the puck. But that hand-wringing faded after Beauvillier scored a much more important goal – the potential winner of a game at his former rink against his former team in his first game for the Canucks.

Considering how many positions the Islanders have to make up for in the playoff race in the East, this could be a painful loss – even if you don’t count the spicy tale of Beauvilla having the last laugh.

Croat does his part (and weathers the hurricane for a couple of weeks)

Thursday’s stunning loss ends a hectic (but mostly positive) couple of weeks for Horvat.

  • On January 30, the Islanders traded Beauvillier, Aata Räta and a 2023 protected first-round pick to the Canucks for Borvat.

  • The following weekend (a 2023 NHL All-Star fortune), the Islanders signed Horvath to an eight-year, $68 million contract extension.

  • The Islanders won on Bo Horvath’s debut, but it wasn’t until Game 2 that Horvath scored the first goal with his new team.

  • Then on Thursday, Horvath and the Islanders took on Beauvilliers and the Canucks, with both players scoring goals against their former teams.

To give you an idea of ​​the impression the sniper center already makes, consider the growing tradition of “Croat!” chants.


Like Beauvillier, Horvath seems to have been robbed of his moment of opportunity.

Early in the second period, it looked like he had scored his 33rd goal of the season (and second for the Islanders) with a deft slip. However, a successful challenge by the Canucks wiped him out and Mat Barzal returned the goal moments later.

Shortly thereafter, Horvath scored his second goal for the Islanders and his first against the Canucks. seriously this time.


Note that Matthew Barzal provided the first assist on both of Horvath’s first two goals for the Islanders. So, the guys, most likely, came up with the islanders.

Of course, the actual score on the scoreboard is the opposite of how Lou Lamoriello & Co. drew it. The Islanders certainly didn’t expect to lose to the Canucks at home on the first team, thanks in part to winner Beauvilla.

As much as one more goal from Beauvillier gives the Islanderschills“They need to leave this behind.

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