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Bedlam win could help Oklahoma close strong on the recruiting trail


First Bedlam Brent Venables the era has passed as almost all of them have passed in Mike Gandy regine, with Oklahoma hopping on Oklahoma State early and holding on to last Saturday night’s 28-13 win at Norman.

Venables and the Sooners won the bowl right in the process, doing so in front of a strong group of recruits who headed to campus to gain experience.

Los Angeles (CA) Cathedral Linebacker Ashton Sanders made his official visit to Oklahoma and left, dedicating himself to Venables and his staff, adding to the No. 7 catch in the national 247Sports Composite. Sanders had a big senior season, with 82 tackles, 22 stoppages, 10 sacks and 56 quarterback rushes. Venables is looking for more disruptive players as he looks to quickly change a defense that is ranked 112th nationally.

Cathy (TX) Paetow five-star guard David Hicks also paid an official visit. It doesn’t get much bigger than that. The Texas A&M commitment and the No. 1 quarterback in the country continues to attract the attention of the Sooners and Oregon at the end of his process and will obviously be a big signing for whoever he ends up taking on. with the school of your choice.

“It was really good,” Hicks’ father David said. “It’s always very good. Had a really good time, plus it’s always good when they win.”

Oklahoma had already had success in recruiting Hicks. He also visited Oregon over the weekend and will return to Texas A&M on the weekend of December 16th.

“It’s still Coach V’s holistic approach on and off the field with respect to discipline and culture in the building, and really an approach to educating young people and not just football players,” Hicks Sr. explained. “Now he still has confidence in A&M. Always want to make sure. They were always there. He still works at A&M.”

Many of the Oklahoma commits are back, and the Sooners also posted a few other goals for 2023 that they would like to add, including five-star safety. Peyton Bowen, a longtime Notre Dame aficionado who spent more time at OU than at South Bend this fall. You also had a JUCO defensive back. Fat Dolby and Knolensville (Tensylvania) High Edge Taylor Wayne.

“Dude, I liked it, the environment was amazing!” Dolby said. “You can tell these fans love this team no matter what season they have. What stands out to me the most is the coaching staff and you can tell it goes deeper than football for them. They genuinely care about building relationships with their players and recruits.”

Some of the best 2024 prospects in America have also visited Oklahoma for this.

“Dude, that was crazy, I had the best time of my life” – five stars IMG Academy 247Sports Composite. David Stone said. “Last night the defense was great and the support from the fans made it even better.”

“The environment during the game was noisy and crowded as always and I enjoyed watching the defensive ball like them and seeing how they understand everything a little, although at the end of the season they understand everything”, Melissa (Texas) High Top247 lineman quarterback Nigel Smith II said.

“Things were electrifying, especially in the first quarter.” – Logan (Iowa) Magnolia 247Sports Composite, Four-Star Offensive Rig. Grant Brix said. “I’ve never been to a Sooner football game before and I really enjoyed it. I got to interact with a great group of recruits and spent a lot of time one on one with the coaching staff. I also had a great discussion with Coach Venables at the 50-yard line before the game.”

There were also several elite prospects for 2025.

“The environment in Norman was family friendly.” – Cathy (TX) Paetow, five-star cornerback Deijon Pettaway said. “All the staff are loving and friendly. Also, the fans were proud of the achievements of Oklahoma. What stands out the most is their fans and the way the staff believes in the players.”

“I definitely felt the energy of the competition,” La Verne (CA) linebacker Bonita Top247. Noah Michael said. “The fans were thrilled until the very end. The defense came out strong. The culture and energy of the coaches and staff definitely stand out.”

“The atmosphere in OU is special,” — Top247 linebacker from San Juan Hills, California. Weston Port said. “It’s not like any other school I’ve been to. What stood out to me was how connected I was to all the staff. It was great to talk to Coach Venables, because you can immediately see what a great guy he is. One of the main things I look for in school is how well I get along with the coaches, and in Oklahoma I feel like I got along with all of them.”

Source: 247sports.com