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Ben Simmons looks fine in return, is ‘grateful just to be able to step on that floor’ Doc Rivers says he wants Harden to be ‘a scoring Magic Johnson’ As he chases record, LeBron says he has ‘no relationship’ with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Watch Zion Williamson score 13 in return to court for Pelicans Wembanyama scores 37, Scoot Henderson 28, as both make case to go No.1

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Ben Simmons played a real live basketball game on Monday night.

Sure, it’s preseason, but the Nets have unveiled their likely starting five, Simmons. Kyrie Irving, Kevin Duran, Joe Harrisas well as Nick Claxton — and Simmons started a lot of attacks early.

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The results were good. Excellent. Good in flashes. Simmons ran well on the court and finished with six points on 3-of-6 shooting, five assists and four rebounds. He missed both free throws he made and all three of his attempts were at the rim, all of his three missed shots were in paint and included an ugly skyhook thing and a miss. There was obvious rust.

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The Nets gave him a lot of touches, forcing him to start off early. Whether this will be carried over into the season remains to be seen, the offense has improved thanks to the clear passing and decisions of Kyrie Irving.

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Simmons sounded comfortable after the game, quotes via Nick Friedell of ESPN.

“I’m only grateful to be able to step on this floor,” Simmons said. “Step back on the NBA floor. I had a lot of fun there.”

“That’s the thing, I thought I was going to be nervous,” Simmons said. “But I wasn’t nervous. I was excited.”

Simmons insisted on trading those 76ers a year ago and then missed the entirety of last season due to mental health issues. The Nets had enough of his return to the court for 19 minutes in a couple of shifts.

76ers sat Joel Embiid as well as James Harden for the night, but Tyrese Maxi became the best player on the floor, scoring 20 points in 14 minutes and showing a confident three-point shot.

Furkan Korkmazadded another player who was injured. 15 His performance will add depth to the Sixers’ roster.

Claxton ran hard down the court and finished with 12 points on 6-of-6 shooting (all by the rim), with Durant leading with 13 points.

We are no longer in Houston.

James Harden Philadelphia won’t be chasing titles and dominating the game in the same way. Instead, he was asked to be more of a facilitator, but not too much. Doc Rivers told the team on ESPN NBA Today he wants scoring to accompany help. Just like one of the greats of all time.

“I think we talked so much about him being the facilitator… I need him to be James Harden too. If I had to unify, I would say Magic Johnson goalscorer, I don’t know, but I want him to be like that. I want him to be James Harden, but I also want him to be the facilitator for this basketball team. So in many ways, his role in our team is growing, and I just want him to keep thinking, “Do both.”

Just play like Magic, no pressure. During his career, the Magic averaged 19.5 points per game (with four over 20 points per game) on 11.2 assists.

Harden can get close enough to Rivers’ high net to make Philadelphia a real threat while the defenders still fear his first move and retreat. Harden can hit and get to the line, and he’s been a great passer for a long time, averaging 10.5 assists per game over the past two seasons. Now it remains to find a balance between the settings Joel Embiidwhen to shift the crime to Tyrese Maxiand when to make your own shot.

Philadelphia is a strong team poised to win many regular season games – the top seed in the East, the 6rs are absolutely in the game. The questions that Harden – and, to some extent, Embiid – have to answer will come up in May as the second round of the playoffs begins and Harden is fading away and Embiid is out of luck with an injury. In the Deep East, with Milwaukee, Boston, and possibly Miami and Brooklyn as contenders, there is no margin for error.

Magic Harden would be a big help for the Sixers in this setting.

Later this season, health permitting, LeBron James overtake Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the NBA’s all-time leading scorer.

Kareem said LeBron deserved it, but also called on LeBron on COVID issues (for which Abdul-Jabbar apologized). The two legends started to build a relationship as LeBron goes to the record? Not so much.

“No thoughts, no relationship.”

This question was asked to LeBron days after Abdul-Jabbar criticized LeBron’s former teammate. Kyrie Irving in the Substack newsletter, calling him a “comical buffoon” and stating that he is a poor role model. Abdul-Jabbar has been a strong advocate of getting a vaccine, Irving remains unvaccinated and LeBron has posted on social media questioning the severity of the virus and the backlash. Also, LeBron and Irving are friends, which could have provoked LeBron’s laconic response (as well as the fact that he was ready to leave the arena after a dismal pre-season game).

A week earlier on the media day, LeBron was kinder when discussing Abdul-Jabbar and chasing his record.

“And you know, obviously Kareem had his own differences with some of my views and some of the things I do. But listen, in the end, be able to be on the same breath with a guy wearing the same thing. [Lakers] uniform, a guy who has been a staple of this franchise along with Magic and Big Game. [James Worthy] there’s so many years out there, especially in the 80s, and a guy who also works a lot off the floor,” LeBron said. “I think for me it’s just super duper dope even in this conversation.”

In recent years, Abdul-Jabbar has become more of a public figure, both in regards to playing basketball and in his writings, discussing issues of social justice. The NBA named its new Social Justice Award after him. With that came a new relationship around the league.

One of them is not with LeBron. Will Abdul-Jabbar be in the building when LeBron breaks the record?

We have a few months to develop this relationship – if it happens – before that big day.

Zion Williamson returned.

He certainly looked at his best and showed his insane explosive power en route to 13 points and four rebounds in 15 minutes on Tuesday night against the Bulls, his first game since he missed all of last season with knee surgery. foot.


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