Beneil Dariush: Alexander Volkanovski ‘confirmed my beliefs’ on Islam Makhachev’s shortcomings

Beneil Dariush he liked what he saw on Saturday night, but perhaps not as much as most.

Fight fans are spoiled UFC 284How Islam Makhachev ran into Alexander Volkanovskiy in a champ vs champ superfight that made fans want to see more. Volkanovski, who moved up to 155 pounds in hopes of becoming a two-weight UFC champion, gave Makhachev his toughest fight, leading him to a decision. which was won by Makhachev.

Despite the victory, it was a tense fight that many believed Makhachev lost. Dariusz (22-4-1 MMA, 16-4-1 UFC), who is looking to fight for the UFC lightweight title, really liked some of the things that were revealed.

“You start to see holes in their games that might not be there,” Dariusz told MMA Junkie Radio. “You only see these holes because these inhuman people are colliding, these great fighters are colliding, so you start to see these things.

“I think it was a great fight from both points of view. Volkanovski just confirmed my beliefs because I didn’t really have any record of him other than the Tsarukyan fight, but Volkanovski was able to confirm my beliefs as to what I felt was missing from his game and what exactly I could use.”


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But it went both ways. Although Dariusz doesn’t plan to drop down to featherweight and fight for a belt there, he also caught on to some of the things that Wolksnowski did.

“What surprised me and what I saw was that Volkanovski lifted his chin much higher than I expected,” Dariush said. “He held his chin high when he finished a lot of those combos. So I saw something new in Volkanovski’s game that I haven’t seen in other fights. That’s what I saw.”

The fight between Makhachev and Volkanovski was also important in terms of weight category. It was #2 vs. #1 in the official UFC rankings.

Dariush believes that he is in fact No. 1, but simply did not have the opportunity to prove it.

“I thought they were both great,” Dariush said. “An irresistible force meets an immovable object, it was like that. These are very good fighters. Some might say #1 and #2. The only reason I don’t say this is because I believe I’m the best in the world. So they are one of the best fighters to fight each other.”

The story originally appeared on MMA Junkie.


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