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Bernhard Langer is golf’s ageless wonder of the PGA Tour Champions

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BOCA RATON, Florida — Bernhard Langer’s bar is a little higher than we mortals’.

In the past 15 months, the Boca Raton resident won the PGA Tour Champions for the 43rd time, becoming the tour’s oldest champion. He also won his record sixth Charles Schwab Cup. He not only shot at your age twice for the first time on your 64th birthday – but beat his age from 63.

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When asked about his year in the 2022 TimberTech Championship, which kicks off Friday at the Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club, Langer was tepid in his assessment – there are good points, but not as many as in the last dozen or so years. when he dominated the 50 and the country club. – the old scheme.

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“It was a good year, not as good as the last 12 or 13 years, they were exceptionally good,” Langer said.

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You can call him a victim of his own success.

Now the 65-year-old Langer is in his 50th year of professional golf, the last 15 years as the top player on the PGA Tour Champions. The best player in the world over 50? It is taut due to the natural decline at his age.

But the best player in the world over 60? No questions.

“As a professional, I would admire him the most,” Padraig Harrington, 51, said. “He is the most professional of all, he squeezed the maximum out of his game. I’m not surprised by what he does. He is fit and strong.”

Langer has won $10.76 million over three decades on the PGA Tour. Since joining the PGA Tour Champions, he has added $33.33 million to his net worth. His 43 wins are two short of record holder Hale Irvin, but his 11 majors at the Champions circuit are the standard, four more than Irvin.

With two TimberTech titles, Langer is the only golfer to win the event more than once.

So why would he even think about living with mahjong and early birds? Or take your competitive juices to the pickleball court?

He hasn’t… yet.

No retirement plans in Langer’s golf bag

“I get closer to what I’m thinking about,” Langer said as he put away his chopsticks. “Until now, I really didn’t think about it much. I’ve always said that if I feel good and healthy, I like what I’m doing, and I’m successful at something, I’ll continue.”

Few play or look as good as Langer at 65. He is in great shape and dedicated to his work. Langer began filming “Burn Baby Bern” exercise videos during the pandemic, which usually end with him sitting in a pool.

Langer admits his priorities are shifting – he longed to be back home on Thursday to take pictures with his four grandchildren – but the drive is still there. He is disappointed that he is seventh in the Schwab Cup standings and has no chance of winning the championship this season.

2021 Charles Schwab Cup Championship
2021 Charles Schwab Cup Championship

Bernhard Langer celebrating winning the lengthy Charles Schwab Cup season after the final round of the 2021 Charles Schwab Cub Championship at the Phoenix Country Club. (Photo: Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports)

As for his game, he takes things differently. How can they not be?

“It’s a bit of everything,” he said when asked where age is catching up the most. “The body starts to ache here and there. Different parts of the body are not always the same.

“Maybe two percent here, two percent there. I noticed that I got a little shorter. It does something else. If you’re 10 yards shorter than the tee, you need to hit the extra stick closer to the green and the other guys are further away, so if they’re hitting an iron 7 and I’m hitting an iron 4, it’s all a hole, it’s hard to do that. Almost every time you will hit an iron 7 or 8 closer to the hole than an iron 4.”

But the Langer 4, and indeed any other, still has better hardware than most.

On August 27, 2021, Langer showed his age at the Ally Challenge in Michigan… on his birthday. Less than three months later, he beat his age with a score of 63 during the Schwab Cup Championship at the Phoenix Country Club. He called it his best round.

Langer believes he’s about five times his age, but he doesn’t remember thinking about it as much as he did the day he turned 64.

After all, he was reminded of his age all day.

“Normally I don’t think about such things, but I knew about it,” he said. “Because it was my birthday, people shouted from the stands and sang Happy Birthday.”

Since then, Langer has celebrated another holiday, which means that every year it becomes easier to capture his age.


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PGA Tour Champions
PGA Tour Champions

The story originally appeared on GolfWeek.


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