Betting tips for 2023 conference Champ Week

Championship week has already arrived, the buzzers sounded, dreams came true, and hopes were dashed in an instant. The joy of victory and the agony of defeat affect those in the arena and us with money for fighters. The small conferences have already brought some drama, but the power conferences are about to come to the fore, and we will focus on them here as well. Picking conference winners while playing in the league is one of my favorite bets for the future. Conference tournaments, on the other hand, can be very difficult due to the same nature, consistent games, and different levels of desperation depending on whether or not you are and where you are in the NCAA predicted bracket. But, as my brother once said incredulously, looking at the racing form “I hate every horse in this race, but what am I not going to bet on?!”

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Favorite: Duke Blue Devils (+270)

Cuff: This conference is the biggest wild of any power conference, illustrated by Duke (#4 seed) having the longest odds of any conference favorite. The story that ACC stinks, but this is an inaccurate and lazy analysis. While the backend is terrible, there are quality teams at the top, although no one has split off. Due to the lack of dominance, I think there are five or six teams that could win. Miami (+350) and Virginia (+350) were co-champions of the regular season. UVA is not a defensive elite and relies too much on jump shots to win three games in three days. North Carolina (+700) in my opinion needs to win this tournament to get into the big dance, but despite the desperation, I just don’t think they’re good enough for it.

Miami and Duke are likely to get the money, but they are on the same side of the grid. Duke is playing his best basketball but will face Pitt in the quarterfinals. I think the Miami way is easier, so I would bet on the Hurricanes. Nevertheless, RA real value game that will also make some money is North Carolina (+1200). They have NBA level guards, are great at DJ Burns and can take shots. They are on the weaker side of the grid and at this price point are a good long range play.

Cuff Pick: NC State (+1200)

big ten

Favorite: Purdue (+145)

Kuff’s Choice: Indiana (+600), Northwest (+1000)

I called Indiana the Jekyll and Hyde team, and it remains true. The inconsistency in the conference is staggering and points to more mediocrity, as reflected in the predicted NCAA tournament seed lines and the many bubble teams (Rutgers, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania). Purdue split from the group but struggled, losing four of their last eight games. Freshman quarterbacks Fletcher Loyer and Braden Smith are good, but my concern is that they can be pressured and difficult to manage. Despite the first place, they are in a more difficult part of the bracket and some matches can be more problematic. Indiana (+600) is where I’m going to go.. I love their way, Trace Jackson-Davies is a beast and Jalen Hood-Scifino is an NBA quarterback despite his inconsistency, and few teams in this league can say that.

I will invest too Northwestern (+1000). This is the #2 seed that has been overlooked all year. Very good backcourt, highest defensive turnover in the league, and worth the money.

Big 12

Favorite: Kansas (+250)

Kuff’s Choice: Kansas (+250), TCU (+600)

The Big 12 is the opposite of the Big Ten. There are elite teams everywhere and eight out of ten of their teams can go to the NCAA Tournament with five potentially top 4 seeds. The Jayhawks won that league unconditionally, which was very impressive. Despite losing last game in Texas, it’s hard for me to argue with Kansas in the way they’ve been playing lately. They have won nine of their last 11 games, and the Big 12 tournament is taking place at their home away from home in Kansas City, Missouri. With a price of +250, I would like to make some money on them, Texas (+350) is a solid game too, but looking at the odds I think TCU (+600) is also interesting. The Horned Frogs play at a fast pace, can really defend themselves, and don’t rely on three-point shots that can help in a multi-day tournament. His worth trying the horned frogs but it is the most difficult tournament to handicap.

Big East

Favorite: UConn (+220)

Cuff Choice: Marquette (+350)

I think it will be a very fun tournament in the most famous arena in the world. However, I think one of the top three betting favorites will cut the number of nets. Favorite UConn (No. 4 seed), regular season champions Marquette (+350) and No. 3 seed Creighton (+250). Xavier (+500) is seeded second, but there will be no top scorer and arguably most important player Zack Fremantle until the end of the season. Despite how good Villanova (+1000) has been lately, I don’t think they can win four games in four days. The No. 1 seeded Golden Eagles have a big lead with the St. Johns (+4,000) or Butler (+15,000) in the quarter-finals against the Huskies playing in Providence (+1,800), whom they lost to earlier. this year. On the other side of the draw, Creighton’s biggest problem will be that quarter-final in a likely match against Villanova, who is a poor fit and just beat the Bluejays on Feb. 25 by 12 points. I think it’s Marquette or UConn and I’m going to lean on the disrespectful Marquette to add to his regular season title.

Pack 12

Favorite: UCLA (+135)

Kuff’s Choice: Arizona (+190)

UCLA and Arizona (+190) are clearly the top two teams in this league, and far from it. The Bruins outperform the Wildcats and showed it in their last game, controlling every aspect of the game on their way to a nine-point win. However, this game cost them dearly. Jalen Clark, arguably the best defenseman in the country and UCLA’s second-leading scorer, could be out of the conference tournament and even more after an Achilles injury. The Bruins struggle to score at times, and losing a top defenseman would be a huge loss. Even if Clark is free, I wonder if the team just decides to let him rest before the Big Dance. I’m taking Arizona now as I assume the price will come down and they could be the favorite if Clarke is eliminated.


Favorite: Alabama (+150)

Cuff: Alabama has been the best and most consistent team in the SEC until the last three weeks. They struggled hard in the first halves and bounced back to win three of their last four games. Before this swoon in the form, I would say that I bet on Bama. But for now Crimson Tide is still playingLet’s take a look at a few others. Tennessee (+400) are too limited on offense and the loss of their best and most creative defenseman, Zakai Ziegler, puts them out of the game. Missouri (+2500) is in fourth place, but they are too fickle away from home, as are Arkansas (+1500) and Auburn (+1600). Texas A&M (+550) is in second place. Aggie just beat Bama and could be profitable.

It might be fool’s gold, but I guess Kentucky (+350) get some money if Cason Wallace is healthy. He missed their last game, which was a convincing victory over Arkansas. Wallace is the only unmistakable pro on the team, so if he’s playing, I’m in.


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