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What you need to know for Mavericks-Warriors Game 2

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shining stars: Stephen Curry’s three-pointer is 3.5 in Game 2, despite averaging at least 12 attempts from deep in his last four games. For the Mavs, Reggie Bullock has made at least 10 3-pointers in two of his last three games. His three-point prop is 2.5 for Friday night’s game.

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Luni likes: The Warriors have relied on Kevon Looney for meaningful minutes lately, as the big man has averaged almost 32 minutes in the team’s last two competitions. Looney had nine assists and 27 boards in those two games, making him a suitable target for daily fantasy as well as scoring, rebounding and passing.

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More risk than reward: Andrew Wiggins outscored his game by 3.5 points in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, a 112-87 win for the Warriors, but I’d be wary of doubling down. He led the Warriors in shooting, started red-hot, scoring 10 points on 4-of-5 shooting in the first quarter, and had no problems with fouls despite sometimes having to defend Luka Doncic. He has yet to score over 20 points this postseason and has a scoring record of 15.5.

– Jim McCormick and Kyle Soppe

game destruction 2

Dallas Mavericks to Golden State Warriors
9:00 pm ET, Chase Center, San Francisco.

Line: Warriors (-6.5)
Money line: Warriors (-260), Mavericks (+210)
General: 214 points
Overall BPI forecast: 220.8 points
BPI Win %: Warriors (73.7%)

Notable: As the 5.5-point favorite in Game 1, the Warriors won by 25 points to earn their 14th seed of the season with at least 15 points. However, in the game immediately after such impressive covers, they are only 4-8-1 against the spread. In addition, six of those coverage denials were at least nine points high.

Best bet: over 214.0 points. The Warriors were the elite at home throughout the postseason, averaging 116.6 points per game. They scored 112 points in the first game and clearly took off the gas pedal once it turned into a breakout. Game 1 fell through due to the Mavericks being cold as ice, missing wide open eyes early and never finding their rhythm. Friday night should be different as the Mavs have had time to recover from their seven-game streak and focus on the Warriors. I expect both teams to score a lot of points with a total of over 214 points. — Andre Snellings

Best bet: Stephen Curry under 26.5 points. Curry played well in the first game and could have scored more had he not been pulled earlier. He still scored 21 points on 7-of-16 shooting from the floor. In Curry’s five games against the Mavericks, including Game 1, he scored 20.2 points per game on 39.6% FG and 34.1% 3P. Only once in those five games did he score over 26.5 points. — Snellings

Best bet: Luka Doncic over 31.5 points. On Wednesday, the Warriors defended Doncic well. He had a postseason-high 20 points on 6 of 18 shots. For the first time in his career, Doncic had more assists (7) than field goals in a playoff game. The Mavericks will make adjustments and get Doncic ready for the return game on Friday night. — Eric Moody

Best Bets: Warriors 2H (-2.5); Warriors 3Q (-1.5). The Warriors were the dominant team in the third quarter for a long time, and this continued again in Game 1 against Dallas when they led the Mavericks by 10 points. Coach Steve Kerr makes amazing adjustments as he exits the locker room. Dallas has really struggled on the road (with the exception of Game 7 in Phoenix) this postseason. I love the Warriors in this game and I think they’re creating distance on the scoreboard in the second half, like they do in most of these playoffs. — Tyler Fulgum

Best bet: Klay Thompson over 20.5 points. Thompson didn’t score in the first half and made just four field goal attempts in the first game. He gained strength in the second half and finished the game with 15 points. Thompson should start quickly on Friday night. — Moody

Best bet: Draymond Green under 6.5 assists. The Warriors did a great job in Game 1, passing the ball to counter the Mavericks’ shutdowns and switches. Several Golden State players provided assists. However, Green had nine potential assists and three assists, below his end-of-season average after the first two rounds. — Moody