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Big Ten expansion: Top 5 ideal candidates for the next move

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On Thursday, the college football world went berserk as the “alliance” seemed to fall apart. USC and UCLA leaving the Pac-12 for the big one 10. This step will not happen until 2024, that is, until Texas as well as Oklahoma join the SEC, but that doesn’t mean it won’t shake things up.

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Ironically, James Franklin fought to the very end for a job at USC, so it really looks like he can’t escape the Big Ten. Although why would you?

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The traditions and images that college football gives us every fall are concentrated in the Big Ten. snow horseshoe like Ohio as well as Michigan a battle, a whiteout in Happy Valley or a wave in Iowa for the kids to watch. All these images bring a smile and warmth to the hearts of fans all over the world, it seems that more and more teams want to be a part of it.

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Here are five commands that might make sense and draw attention to the conference. Not all of them are also members of Pac-12.

Oregon Ducks

Credit: Troy Weirinen, USA TODAY Sports.

The move already rumored is to add Oregon makes sense on the surface. They have competitive teams, especially in athletics, and the football team has a national audience.

Notre Dame is at war with the Irish

Credit: Matt Cashor, USA TODAY Sports.

What do you need to sell for this? Perhaps this is the most recognizable team in the country, and at the same time it has a contract with national television? The G-10 commissioner must beg Our lady join.

Pittsburgh Panthers

Credit: Matthew O’Haren, USA TODAY Sports.

One of the few teams here in the heart of the Big Ten country. Pittsburgh has a rivalry with Penn State, they could easily get it with Ohio State, since the city serves as an intermediate point almost between schools.

West Virginia Mountaineering

Danny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Another Big Ten team from West Virginia and their passionate fans would be a fun addition. Not to mention teams heading to Morgantown in November in weather like this would be a lot of fun.

Washington Husky

Credit: Joe Nicholson, USA TODAY Sports.

Think we’re done with the Pac-12? Washington is very well versed in all sports, although the football team is one of the few in the Pac-12 where their athletes will do well in the Big Ten. They have a tough playing style and are defensively focused, which already sounds like a Big Ten team.




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