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Bills CB Dane Jackson released from hospital after head-to-head collision with teammate on MNF

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Buffalo Bills cornerback Dane Jackson left Monday’s game against the Tennessee Titans in an ambulance after a helmet collision with teammate Tremaine Edmunds. It was later announced by The Bills during their 41-7 victory that he had been taken to the hospital and had movement in his limbs.

The Bills later announced that Jackson was discharged from Erie County Medical Center on Tuesday morning after doctors determined he had no serious head or spinal cord injuries. Jackson also thanked fans for their support on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon.

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The injury occurred in the last minute of the first half of the game. Jackson covered Titans wide receiver Traylon Burks and caught him low on a completed pass. As they hit the ground, Edmunds dived, seemingly waiting for Burks to hit before he hit the turf. Instead, Burks and Jackson were already on the ground, and Edmunds headbutted Jackson on the top of his helmet, causing Jackson’s head and neck to throw back violently.

Warning: The footage below shows a violent head impact.

An ambulance immediately rushed to the field to assist Jackson. Teammates surrounded Jackson while he was receiving medical attention before an ambulance took Jackson away.

Scores announced after break that Jackson is “fully movable” in his limbs and was taken to a local hospital to undergo a CT scan and X-ray to check for a neck injury.

Bills head coach Sean McDermott had no further updates after the game.

“Hopefully we’ll hear from you soon,” McDermott said. according to Buffalo News. “Dane has full motion in his limbs which is good. And I mean you’re moving on from the real part of it here. You go from coach to human as I watch him being loaded into an ambulance. , This is the present moment.

“We just pray for him, and this is an unfortunate situation. But we’re praying for him, and hopefully we’ll get more soon.”

ORCHARD PARK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 19: An ambulance is seen on the field after Dane Jackson #30 of
On Monday, an ambulance drove onto the field and took Dane Jackson to a local hospital. (Joshua Bessex/Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Edmunds explained the attack from his own point of view.

“Yes, definitely a tough game,” Edmunds said. “Just saw that the pipe was still on, just trying to finish the play.

“Obviously a situation that I didn’t do on purpose. I would never try to do something like that with my teammate. But like I said, man, the tube was still on. Unfortunately, I ended up punching Dane.”

Jackson, 25, is a third-year professional, playing college football in Pittsburgh. The Bills selected him in the seventh round of the 2020 draft. He was a part-time starter last season and then got a starter job in 2022.

INGLEWOOD, CA - SEPTEMBER 08: cornerback
Dane Jackson seen here during the Bills’ victory over the Rams last week. (Jevon Moore/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)


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