Blizzard of turnovers, strong Notre Dame run game plow through Boston College Highlights: Notre Dame 44, Boston College 0 — A ‘fun’ shutout in the snow No. 18 Notre Dame vs Boston College: TV, Time, Preview & Predictions How to watch Notre Dame vs Boston College today on NBC Things To Learn: The legacy of Notre Dame’s senior class will not be decided vs Boston College, but in years to come

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The second half of Boston College’s Notre Dame rout will always lack intrigue, thanks to the 18th Irishman (8-3) leading 37-0 at halftime. The blinding snow at least brought some fun to South Bend as Notre Dame watched his stride across the slippery turf, holding back a blowout by just 44-0.

The week marking the 30th anniversary of the Snow Cup victory over Penn State, the Eagles (3-8) brought no such drama. Their defensive line was shattered with every Irish run in the first half since Logan Diggs“Walking 51 yards on the first snap after a fight. Their offensive line — seasonal weakness brought on by injury and exacerbated this week by their overall fight against the flu — dropped four bags, including Notre Dame Sr. Isaiah Foskybecame the 25th player in his career, breaking Justin Tuck’s Irish record.

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“What a win, what a way to spend this season at Notre Dame,” the head coach said. Marcus Freeman said. “We spent a lot of time last night as a team talking about the opportunity we have to play again as this team at Notre Dame. It’s a special place, and our performance didn’t always reflect it that way. I wanted to make sure we finished this season and this last opportunity right.”

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The only thing that could slow down Notre Dame was the snow that covered the field in the third quarter, making it difficult to see both on the broadcast and from the stands, the players noticeably knocked down their steps so as not to slip and slide too far. This is the sixth snow match in Notre Dame stadium history and the Irish now lead 6-0 on these optically stunning occasions.

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Three different Notre Dame running backs found the end zone in the first half, with sophomore Audric Estimé adding a second in the third quarter, highlighting Irish dominance in the fast-paced game. Notre Dame finished with 281 yards compared to Boston College’s 89 (adjusted for sacks), a difference that would have been more stark had the Irishman not been understandably slowed down by snow.

“Everyone has to do their job,” Freeman said. “It’s the mentality. Being able to run 100 and shoot, I don’t know how many yards we had in total, how many? [281.] Phew, that’s good. The possibility of a rush for 281 is very good. They accepted the challenge.”

The Eagles’ sloppiness began long before snowfall caused players to slip five yards past where they were grabbed. Four losses to Boston College in the first half resulted in 20 Irish points. If it weren’t for a slurred call from a spokesman, the Notre Dame defense on its own would have passed the Eagles with a senior linebacker. Marist Lufau receiving an incomplete back pass interrupted by a senior cornerback Cam Hart, and ran 42 yards into the end zone. Instead, the referee initially ruled that it was an incomplete forward pass, and by rule, a review can only correct the play up to a recovery point.

Lufau failed to enjoy Senior Day’s landing, reminiscent of Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa year ago in a 55-0 rout of Georgia Tech, but Estime refuted the failed call by going to the end zone two minutes later.

Boston College finished with five losses, Notre Dame high school day also showcased freshman, quarterback Benjamin Morrison pick up Eagles quarterback Emmet Morehead three times. Morrison set the Irish singles record, the most recent record being achieved by Harrison Smith in the 2010 Sun Bowl, also a snow-blessed competition. Morrison now has five interceptions in his last two games against teams using offense other than the triple option.

“First, I have to give credit to the defensive line,” Morrison said. “Without their pressure, this would not have happened. … I saw my opportunity and went for it.”

The combination of Morrison’s first interception and subsequent strike summed up this lopsided result, even if Logan Diggs’ touchdown gave Notre Dame only a 10-point lead. Morrison took down Morehead at the Eagles’ 20-yard line, and the Irishman turned on Diggs five times on five snaps, the fifth of which landed.

“It’s just a blessing,” Diggs said. “The coach who trusts you so much, believes in you so much, keeps coming back to you. The only thing you can do in this situation is to keep acting so that they keep that trust.”

The comfort of Notre Dame in 20-degree temperatures and on a field with barely visible line markings was in line with the decree of the head coach of Ireland, Marcus Freeman, who led all week.

“No cold tough guys,” he said North Dakota on NBC sideline reporter Zora Stephenson before the start of the match. “Dress warmly. I don’t want to see guys trembling on the sidelines. Dress appropriately.”

Notre Dame did. There was no bad weather, no bad clothes. Just a bad display of Boston College.

“It was cold, but it was doable,” Diggs said.

Logan Diggs: 15 carries for 122 yards and a touchdown.
Score: 11 carries for 71 yards and two touchdowns.
Chris Tyree: 6 carries for 50 yards and a touchdown.
Notre Dame as a team: 38 carries for 281 yards and four touchdowns.

The 281 yards was not a season-high for the Irish, seven yards behind North Carolina, but lately Notre Dame’s ground game has found a distinct rhythm. Combining impressions at the then No. 16 Syracuse, against then-No. 4 Clemson and Saturday afternoon—that is, the last three Irish games not against the Navy—Notre Dame rushed for 790 yards in three games, averaging 5.6 yards per rush.

The Irish have only two seniors among attacking players with skill position, Braden Lenzi and former passerby Matt Salerno. With the exception of an impression from Randy Moss, Lenzi didn’t have a chance to beat his touchdown behind a defenseman last week, but Salerno has never reached the end zone in his career.

The situation changed in the first quarter of Saturday.

“I’m glad to hear it to get my first touchdown,” Freeman said. “He deserved it. He was a huge part of our success. A guy who sometimes comes in to block. We put him on block and he didn’t bat an eyelid. Selfless person.”

Lufau almost achieved his main Senior Day. Fosky certainly got his way, posting his record breaking sack shortly before the break.

Kicker Blake Grupe hit 3 of 3 field goals on a day that was far from ideal for a playkicker. Offensive linemen Jarrett Patterson, Josh Lagg as well as Zeke Correll apparently was ahead of a plentiful rapid attack.

Senior midfielder Jack Kiser made me feel. JD Bertrand led with five tackles. Protective end Justin Ademilola filled up half a bag.

More than five inches of snow fell in South Bend on Friday. Opening Notre Dame by Saturday noon was no guarantee, and Freeman was well aware of that.

“Snow, the guys who cleaned it,” he said gratefully. “The students who were there stayed in such weather conditions. It was my most difficult game in terms of weather conditions, playing or coaching. And so the people who stayed, the fans, the students and the people who work here, were just incredible.”

First quarter
12:50 – Notre Dame field goal. Blake Groupe 26 yards. Notre Dame 3, Boston College 0. (6 games, 67 yards, 2:10)
10:05 – Notre Dame touchdown. Logan Diggs 1 yard dash. The PAT group is good. Notre Dame 10, Boston College 0. (5 games, 20 yards, 2:22)
4:15 – Notre Dame touchdown. Matt Salerno from a 1 yard pass Drew Pine. The PAT group is good. Notre Dame 17, Boston College 0. (8 games, 81 yards, 4:26)

Second quarter
14:07 – Notre Dame field goal. Group 41 yard. Notre Dame 20, Boston College 0. (10 games, 57 yards, 3:37)
8:27 – Notre Dame field goal. Group 46 meters. Notre Dame 23, Boston College 0. (7 games, 15 yards, 3:22)
3:04 – Notre Dame touchdown. Audric Estimé 7 yard dash. The PAT group is good. Notre Dame 30, Boston College 0. (4 games, 42 yards, 2:04)
1:14 – Notre Dame touchdown. Chris Tyree 12 yard dash. The PAT group is good. Notre Dame 37, Boston College 0. (4 games, 49 yards, 0:56)

third quarter
8:54 – Notre Dame landing. Estimated dash for 6 yards. The PAT group is good. Notre Dame 44, Boston College 0. (8 games, 47 yards, 4:29)

The Minnesota native laughed at the cold as he recalled playing in eighth grade when the wind was 0 degrees. The Louisiana native grimaced as he said twice, “It was cold, it was cold,” before adding that the weather was “doable,” as if it wasn’t obvious at No. 18 Notre Dame, beating Boston 44-0. .


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