Blue Jays’ Vladimir Guerrero Jr. withdraws from WBC Max Scherzer tests pitch clock limits, gets quick-pitch balk

LAKELAND, Florida – Toronto batter Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Withdrew from the World Baseball Classic for the Dominican Republic due to inflammation in his right knee.

Toronto manager John Schneider said an MRI showed no structural damage to Guerrero’s right knee. Guerrero left the Blue Jays’ spring practice game with knee discomfort after taking several awkward steps to second base after being hit.

The Blue Jays later announced that Guerrero was leaving the WBC. He was supposed to leave the Blue Jays and join the Dominican Republic team.

It was expected that the 23-year-old football player will become part of the main squad of the Dominican Republic. Guerrero played 160 games last season and hit .274 with 32 homers and 97 RBIs for the Blue Jays.

Guerrero is the third Blue Jays player to pull out of a WBC catcher. Alejandro Kirk (Mexico) and relief pitcher Jordan Romano (Italy).

Max Scherzer suggested that the new baseball clock would allow pitchers to determine the pace of the game.

According to one referee, he raced too fast even for the field timer.

Scherzer tested the limits of baseball’s new pace rules during his second spring practice start by trying some unusual tactics to take Washington Nationals hitters out of the game. At some point he started throwing the ball Victor Robles At that point, plate umpire Jeremy Riggs reset the clock and Riggs called him out.

“He announces the time, I arrive, I get the green light,” Scherzer said. “I thought it was a clean serve. He said no. We have to figure out where the limit is.”

This spring, the Major League Baseball clock forced pitchers and hitters to embrace a whole new pace of play. Players have 30 seconds to restart play between batters. Between pitches, pitchers have 15 seconds to pitch when no one is on the pitch, and 20 seconds if there is a base runner.

Batsmen must be in the box and give the pitcher at least eight seconds notice on the clock, and they only get one time-out per plate appearance.

Some adapt and use the rules faster than others. New York Yankees pitcher Wanda Peralta threw himself at the bat so effectively that he completed a three-inning strikeout in just 20 seconds.

Seven Chicago Cubs pitchers played no-hitters against Manny Machado and San Diego Padres.

Scherzer experimented with several strategies.

With two on and two hits on Riley Adams in the third inning, Scherzer froze in set position and allowed the pitching clock to count down to seven before Adams called a timeout.

On the next pitch, Scherzer froze as the 20-second count started. Adams finally entered the box with the clock at 11 seconds and Scherzer immediately struck, hitting a fastball at 96 mph.

“You can tell they expected me to work fast today, and you can use that to your advantage by speeding up and slowing down the game,” Scherzer said.

Not all experiments worked. Not only was Scherzer called for a block, but he also called off a double play when the umpires ruled that he nearly let the field timer run out before starting his serve.

“Max and a lot of experienced pitchers and pitchers in general are going to use this time to test some things and make some adjustments,” Mets manager Buck Showalter said. “Everyone here is looking for a competitive advantage – hitters, pitchers, catchers – and now is a good time to put those things to the test.”


Jamie Hoskins is already known for paying fans in Philadelphia for beer.

Now the Phillies first baseman’s wife Rhys Hoskins wants to make sure some of the fans at spring training have free snacks.

Jamie Hoskins became a Phillies fan hero when she paid for a beer for a group of them in her neighborhood at Citizens Bank Park during last year’s World Series.

Before the Phillies’ game against the Detroit Tigers at the BayCare baseball stadium, she hid 15 gift card envelopes that can be used for snacks sold by the stadium’s concessionaires.

She posted it on social media and asked those who found it to tag her.

One social media commenter suggested that Jamie has become more popular than Phillies players.


Toronto Blue Jays baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr. left the game with knee discomfort.

Guerrero was seen walking towards the clubhouse with an athletic coach in the second inning and was replaced on defense by Reiner Nunez to start the third.

He had an RBI single during the first half in his only at-bat of the game against Tampa Bay.

Slugger hit .274 with 32 homers and 97 RBIs in 160 games last year.

Guerrero is part of the Dominican Republic for this month’s World Baseball Classic.


Toronto right handed Kevin Gausman was knocked off balance on the mound by gusty winds during his first spring training start against Tampa Bay.

“During the off-season, I worked hard to gain weight, but this wind just knocked me off my feet,” Gausman said with a smile. “I was lucky that the clock (feed) controller actually noticed it and restarted it because it was at six seconds.”

Gausman added that situations like this may need to be addressed by MLB.

“When it rains, we don’t have time to sit on the back of an embankment and wipe the thorns after every field where we used to be able to do that,” Gausman said. “These are the little things that will come up during spring training and the more we as players can bring these things to them, the better we can make new changes in general.”


Cubs starter Justin Steel and six pitchers combined in the first no-hitter spring practice baseball game since 2017, beating the Padres 4-0.

The Cubs stated that they believed it was the first no-hitter spring training in their history.

machado, Nelson Cruz And Jake Cronenworth were among the Padres in the starting lineup. Juan Soto, Xander Bogaerts And Fernando Tatis Jr. got a night off.

“It’s a spring practice game, but it’s never nice when you don’t score,” Padres manager Bob Melvin told reporters. “We won’t go home with a smile on our face.”

Steele and Javier Asad it’s been two innings. Brad Boxberger, Adbert AlsoleiJeremiah Estrada, Cam Sanders and Nick Burdi each followed in half.


After losing 100 games last season, the Cincinnati Reds need all the solidarity and morale they can.

This spring, the Reds have been hosting regular talent shows featuring the veteran first baseman. Joey Votto wear different costumes to act as master of ceremonies.

“Reds’ Got Talent” was a private team event that reportedly featured singing, dancing and magic tricks.

The team also scheduled a three-point basketball shooting competition.


Ace New York Yankees Gerrit Cole gave up one hit over three scoreless innings against the Detroit Tigers in his first spring practice start.

Cole struck out four and only allowed two baserunners. The right-hander’s fastball reached 99 mph during his 51-inning outing.

“I like how I feel right now.” Cole said. “I liked the number of hits. I liked the pace.”

It was the first time Cole took the mound of clocks used in games this season.

“I’m excited,” Cole said. “It will be great. Faster home. It will be amazing.” Cole was 13-8 with a 3.50 ERA in 33 starts last season.


Phillies, 19, prospect Andrew Painter gets tests on his right elbow after reporting some tenderness during his spring training debut. He gave up a run and three hits in two innings with a strikeout. He’s been the busiest prospect in baseball this spring as he tries to crack open the NL champion rotation on Opening Day. … Red Sox southpaw James Paxton left his spring training debut due to a right hamstring injury.


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