Inspirational thought of the week:

This is the sport of kings
Better than diamond rings
That’s why we’re here to sing…

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— “Football rap” LL Cool J

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Here at the Lower 10 Headquarters located in Boone, NC, the infirmary is next to an eyewash station used for Rid Appalachian State Students of Conjunctivitis after two consecutive weekends diving into the campus duck pond, we spent the weekend watching college football… and then we spent Monday watching the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II… and then we spent Tuesday thinking about the royal family and the royal game that we love and they enjoyed.

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This is true. On October 19, 1957, Her Majesty’s motorcade drove into the University of Maryland’s Byrd Stadium, right on the field, where she greeted the Turtles’ captains before their game against heavily favored, 14th-place North Carolina. The Tar Heels were upset at 21-7 and later cited the queen’s lateness and therefore the one-hour delay in starting the match as one of the reasons they did not play at full strength.

Nearly 20 years ago, on October 22, 1977, then-Prince Charles was also late to the game, but the people in Athens, Georgia didn’t wait for him. He arrived just as James Brown was wrapping up his halftime show and walked across the field to meet UGA coach Vince Dooley and Kentucky’s Frank Kerchey. Dooley gave Charles a signed 1976 SEC Champs soccer ball. Curchi offered chewing gum to the future king of England. When Charles realized the Dogs were losing 10-0 to the Cats, he told Dooley, “Then I guess I’ll have to fight for you in the second half.” Kentucky won in a surprise 33-0 rout. A headline in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution read of the heir to the throne of the United Kingdom: “Prince Charles Watches Great Britain Destroy Georgia.”

“It wasn’t upsetting because they were in the top 10 and we weren’t,” Dooley recalled of the visit when asked about it in 2019. “But several people have said that there are no more royals at the games. when.”