Breaking down the key pillars of the PGA Tour’s ‘Designated Event Model’

ORLANDO, Florida. The PGA Tour revealed the core concepts of what the circuit calls the “designated event model” in a memo sent to players on Wednesday. DEM will be the driving force behind the tour schedule starting next year.

“I have no doubt that we have made decisions that will change and set the future direction for your PGA Tour,” Commissioner Jay Monahan said in a memo.

The changes, approved by the political council at Tuesday’s meeting, will include a move to certain events introduced this season in response to LIV Golf, with limited fields of 70 to 80 players, no cuts or increased purses.

The total number of scheduled events will be reduced by one with the removal of WGC-Match Play, and will no longer be mandatory. The top 20 players from last year’s Player Impact Program (PIP) must play in all but one of this season’s tournaments. From next year, this minimum will no longer be required.

Is it good to have no cuts for the PGA Tour?

Is it good to have no cuts for the PGA Tour?

“Instead, we will focus on securing wallet size, eliminating the cut, and allocating FedExCup points to sufficiently incentivize top performers to participate in designated events,” the memorandum says, which also looks broadly at how FedExCup points allocation will be “adjusted.” “. weigh major and scheduled events.

Of particular interest to most players will be the qualifying criteria for the designated events. According to the memo, the field will feature the top 50 players from the previous season’s FedExCup points roster, the current roster’s top 10 players who have yet to be released, and another five players from what officials are calling a “collection.” standard (not assigned) events. There will also be exceptions for players ranked in the top 30 in the world rankings and exceptions for sponsors.

Officials plan to “spread out” scheduled events among non-designated events to give players the opportunity to compete in larger tournaments. How exactly the circuit plans to do so remains unclear, given that the Honda Classic was sandwiched between four designated stages last week.

“Full-scale events will become more meaningful as they allow new and future stars to rise to the top and give members the opportunity to participate in designated events,” the memo reads.

Central Golf

Smaller margins, no abbreviations for 24 year designated events.

BY Rex Hoggard

The PGA Tour is poised to unveil its long-awaited 2024 schedule following approval from the county’s political board on Tuesday.

The defined events for 2024 will be four majors, The Players (all of which will remain full tournaments), three playoff events (reduced to the top 50 from the regular season points list), and an “extra eight”. [unidentified] designated events.

The memorandum also refers to the Sentry Tournament of Champions, which kicks off this year and has become a special event this season. The new eligibility criteria for the event will now be the top 50 players from the previous season’s points list and Tour winners, including those played in the fall.

The circuit also announced that it plans to reduce the PIP to a $50 million pool that will be paid out to the top 10 finishers on the list. This is compared to the $100 million pool paid out by the top 20 on the list this year. Funds will be redirected to the seasonal bonus program and the top 10 Comcast Business Tour.


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