The Wisconsin Badgers got a commitment from the offensive lineman on Wednesday. Christopher Terek from Glen Ellyn (Illinois) Glenbard West.

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It was a recruiting effort that many thought was heading to Iowa or Michigan at some point, but the Badgers invited Terek for an official visit in June, and in its place is a place with strong traditions. He also wants to major in civil engineering and the classroom played a role in that decision.

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“Wisconsin is everything an offensive lineman needs,” Terek said. “They are constantly producing strikers. The energy there really suits me, it’s a bunch of guys who get together every day and work hard to get better. The academics are also top notch.”

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The coaching staff is the backbone of that energy and Terek said several members of the staff made him feel like the coaches he wanted to play for.

“Coach Krist is a real guy and he really cares about his players,” he said. “And the track record of coach Bostad speaks for itself. He wants guys who work hard every day, strong and physical. I believe he will develop me on and off the pitch to become who I want to be.”

The Badgers last signed Glenbard West in 2016 with running back Sam Broadner.

At Terek they get 6ft 6in, who now weighs 295lbs after a lot of work this offseason. When the schools saw him in the spring, it was when he received the Power Five offer.

In February 2020, he broke his leg. A month later, Covid-19 broke out and forced a closure. He had nowhere to train, nowhere to rehab, and he went from 270 pounds to 360.

“This fall he was playing at 350, 345 pounds, and now he’s around 290-295 pounds,” Glenbard West head coach Chad Hetlet said. “He worked every single day from the moment he gets up until he goes to bed. He trains with us, trains with a dedicated trainer, works on his speed and agility, and obviously he’s done well with his diet. And we knew what kind of player he was, but it’s hard to tell people when he’s a rookie – look, we had good players who were linemen and we knew that Chris would be one of them, it was just a matter of getting rid of the extra weight so people can see what kind of player he is. But he was always athletic, he always flexed very well, but after the fall he lost 50 pounds, that’s impressive.”

Off the field Terek is just as impressive.

“He’s the super-popular guy in town, not because he’s a great footballer, but because he’s a great person.” Hatlet said. “He talks to everyone, little kids, I have an eighth grade son, and obviously everyone looks up to him. He’s not the kind of guy who’s too cool. He’s on his own, going to school in cowboy boots, hanging out with everyone at school. He’s a great dressing room guy, a very positive guy, not a negative guy, and he’s like that big, giant guy who off the field is a big, friendly giant, but between the lines he wants to rip your head off. That’s what we like about him. But off the field, he’s extremely popular, and it has nothing to do with him being a rookie, because he was that way in his freshman and sophomore years. The other kids just love it.”

Wisconsin now has 13 commitments in their 2023 set.

Terek is their second line of attack.