Wisconsin received a commitment from class of 2023 athlete Justin Taylor on Friday, just two days after the Badgers offered him a scholarship.

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Taylor traveled to campus with his father to deliver the news in person.

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A two-way player at 6-foot-0, 187 pounds, Taylor will play safety for Wisconsin. He had several other offers including Kansas State, but did not take long to accept the Badger offer.

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“It’s definitely the place to be,” he said. “They have the best coaches in the Big Ten. Paul Christ is a great guy. I talked to him in his office for 30 minutes and everything was very authentic. It is a great opportunity with them being nationally ranked academically, they have the best atmosphere, it was best for my family — just two hours from home — and it was a blessing so I had to jump on it.”

Taylor had one prior experience in Madison, but this was truly his first time experiencing Wisconsin as a recruit.

“I had been there a long long time ago,” he said. “When I was a little kid in middle school, there was a mentoring program I was in and I came up and I remember going back home and saying ‘wow, that campus is huge!’ So history repeats, but this was my first time seeing it from a football recruit’s perspective.”

With that, Taylor has not been to a game at Wisconsin, but has seen and heard all about it.

“Oh yeah, that’s the first thing I looked up when they offered because everyone talks about it and it looked crazy,” he said. “Thinking about playing there is exciting, but I’m made for it and I’m ready.”

The Badgers offered after coming to see Taylor during a spring evaluation period workout. Knowing that he had to wait a little bit for a Big Ten program to come on board, but that it happened after they gave him an in-person evaluation, makes this moment particularly meaningful for Taylor.

“The main thing is I worked for it, it wasn’t given, it was earned,” Taylor says. “I got it from the ground up. I had peers go to that level and play with them. I know what it takes, I know that it took me working for it. I believed and I made it here, but I knew it was going to come up.”

Taylor becomes Wisconsin’s third commitment in their 2023 class and second from the state of Illinois, joining linebacker Tyler Jansey.