Brendon Donovan launches a game-tying home run to center – ESPN Video

0:22 Mark Vientos puts the Mets on the board with an infield single Mark Vientos hits an infield single and narrowly avoids the tag at first to lead the first series of Mets games. 1 a.m. 0:30 Brendon Donovan hits a hitting home run. to center Brandon Donovan sits on a breaker and sends it 396 feet to even the score for the Cardinals 2-2.32m0:22 Mark Vientos boards the Mets with a single in the infield Mark Vientos hits a single in the infield and narrowly avoids the tag early in the lead first game for the Mets. Here’s how to enjoy four games in the coming days. 8hDavid SchoenfieldReinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports


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