Brian Daboll: Playing meaningful games in December is why we do this


The Giants have lost three of their last four games but are still going into December with a 7-4 record and playoff hopes.

It’s a big change from past seasons, and a big change from the expectations that accompanied the team in head coach Brian Daball’s first season. This makes Daball’s debut successful before the last six games of the year are in the books, but his message to his team is not an achievement.

At his press conference on Tuesday, Daboll stressed the importance of playing games in December for a team that has many players who have never been in that position.

“When you play meaningful games in December, I think that’s why we all do itDaball said. “You’re going back to OTA, preseason and early season; now you’re in december. And I was on the teams that had big games in December and I was on the teams that didn’t. It’s not much fun when you’re not playing meaningful games. So let’s get to work with a great attitude, a positive attitude. Keep getting better. And you focus on the opponent of the week: that’s how you should do it. But these are important games now.”

The first of these important games will take place this Sunday against the Commanders. Washington is on a different trajectory than the Giants with six wins in their last seven games, and the Giants’ remaining games will be a lot more meaningful if they can start moving in the other direction.