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Bryan Herta doesn’t want an exemption for his son to receive Super License approval to F1 Late-race pass gives Jonathan Davenport his first Knoxville Late Model Nationals win

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MONTEREY, California. Brian Gert, father of NTT IndyCar Series driver and aspiring Formula 1 driver Colton Hert, said on Friday that he doesn’t want his son to get an FIA super license under any special permit or waiver.

Gert’s father told NBC Sports at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca that he wants his son to “make the right money.” He also acknowledged that there was a need to reconsider how the FIA’s issues point to a super license.

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Currently, IndyCar drivers earn fewer points from the FIA ​​than the Future FIA ​​F2 Championship and GP2 Series, and as many points as the FIA ​​F3 European Championship and FIA WEC-LMP1.

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INDYCAR IN LAGUNA SECA: Details, NBC season finale screening schedule

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With seven career NTT IndyCar Series victories and nine career poles, Hertha are eight points short of the FIA ​​Super License to compete in Formula 1 in 2023.

Interested F1 team leaders have asked the FIA ​​for “clarity” on whether Hertha can get a super license so it can compete next season (possibly with AlphaTauri).

“It’s incredible and it says a lot that Colton is getting the attention of other paddocks and I think that’s great,” Brian Gerta told NBC Sports. “Super License points are the FIA ​​and they make the rules and you have to respect and follow the rules.

“The only thing I would say is that Colton deserves a chance to compete in Formula One someday. When it will ever be, I don’t know.

“But I think it would be unfair if he acted as a special occasion. He must enter by the rules. If you do, then according to the rules. If they reconsider how they get IndyCar points, that’s one thing. But the rules are what they are.

Brian Herta emphasized that the family does not require special attention from the FIA.

“It can be unfair to other people as well,” Herta said. “It is difficult to open these doors. I understand it.

“We are not involved in any of these conversations. It’s not for him. This is something that the FIA ​​and its constituents should be concerned about.”

Alexandre Rossi, Hertha’s Andretti teammate, raced in F1 in 2015 and believes in the concept of Super License points but not in IndyCar.

“The essence of super licensed points was right,” Rossi told NBC Sports. “It was a way to keep people from buying their way into F1. I was on the wrong end of the stick in 2016 when there was a tourism board for a country that bought someone’s place in F1. Formula 1 tried to get rid of these things to make sure that Formula 1 is the pinnacle in every way, including the drivers.

“His downside is the credibility he gives to IndyCar. If you look at what a 16 or 17 year old (in F2 or F3) can get compared to what a successful 25, 26, 27 year old IndyCar driver can get, it’s not the same.

“I think the Super License point system is correct, I just think IndyCar needs to be looked at and weighed differently. This is a big hurdle to overcome with the pre-existing European arrogance that exists towards American racing.”

In addition to being Colton’s father, Brian also names the racing strategy for the No. 26 Gainbridge Honda driver for Andretti Autosport. Herta is also a co-owner of the 98th seat that Marco Andretti competed in this year’s Indianapolis 500.

In addition, Herta also owns Bryan Herta Autosport, which competes in the Michelin Pilot Challenge with several entries (including Robert Wickens).

If Colton obtains an FIA Super License and enters Formula One, the Hertha family will remain in the United States rather than become part of the entourage that follows individual drivers around the world in Formula One.

“My career is here in the United States,” Brian said. “I love racing with Michael Andretti. I’m not crazy enough to think that Colton will never leave here. My career is not related to his. I have employees and people in the IMSA team to whom I am committed, and partners like Hyundai to whom I am committed. This is my career and my life, and Colton’s life is separate from that.

“It’s easy to confuse the two because at this point in time we’re working closely together. But it was never an obligation for him or for me.”

Colton Herta also indicated that he does not want an exemption and understands why the superlicense requirements apply.

“I can understand their side of the argument, they want the guys to go out there and race the stairs,” Colton said. “So, it makes sense. But at the same time, I feel a bit disrespectful for IndyCar to have so few points, but I can understand both sides of the argument.”

“As for the elimination, I’m not sure I really enjoy doing it. I’d rather not be like that.”

The latest team to show interest in Herta was AlphaTauri, a subsidiary of Red Bull F1.

“It was very random,” Colton said. “Suddenly. I think maybe my father got a call or someone told us that Helmut Marko (head of the Red Bull development team) tried to contact us. I’m not entirely sure how it happened.

“It was like ‘What?’ It was very random because there were no other conversations between any other team and then all of a sudden Alpine seems a little interested and then AlphaTauri seems to be a little interested and all these people are interested, it kind of came out of the blue for me “.

Herta said his July 11 test in a year-old McLaren Racing F1 car in Portimão, Portugal raised his profile.

“I think it’s from here,” he said. “I think I did a good job back then and people say.”

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Superman goes where he’s needed, and with his cap flying behind him in the 18th run of the Knoxville Late Models, Jonathan Davenport scored a $50,000 win over Iowa’s Tyler Bruening at the Knoxville, Iowa, half-mile track.

It was Lucas Oil Late Model’s ninth win of the season in his 29th start, a statistic that included six notable wins in a row from July 24 to August 26. Davenport also has four World of Outlaws Late Model wins and half a dozen other major series wins this season, for a total of 21.

Even with all this success, it was a wish list win for a man named Superman. This is his first race at Knoxville, a circuit famous for spring car racing that is also becoming a staple for the latest models.

Davenport had taken the lead on lap 50 earlier, but fell behind Bobby Pierce on lap 9 as the field turned green again after a warning. Two laps later, Brüning took first place and held it for the next 37 laps.

In the final laps, Brüning extended his lead to two seconds until Davenport found the lead. On lap 45, Davenport closed the gap and by lap 47 he was on Brüning’s rear bumper. Davenport dove into the bottom groove in Turn 1, pulled alongside and took the lead on the next lap, depriving Brüning of the first late-model Lucas Oil. career victory.

“I wish I could say I planned it” Davenport said in a press release. “I was too tight there. I didn’t have the best racing car. At first I made a mistake in the roundabout, I thought that I could be rolled out and I would let Bobby [Pierce] around me, so I chose the bottom and let Tyler surround me.

“I tried to compete with Earl. [Pearson Jr.] as clean as I could get there, but I knew I had to get past it. One day I ran into Tyler. I could blow it up, but I knew it might be his first jewel in the crown, so I didn’t want to take it away from him like that.”

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For Brüning, the disappointment was bitter. In 40 combined starts this season with the Outlaws and Lucas Oil, he has earned seven top 10 spots, but the closest he came to winning was a pair of fourths at River Cities Speedway in Grand Forks, North Dakota and Boone Speedway in his hometown. Iowa.

“I think I needed two fewer laps to keep him,” Bruning said. “I don’t know. When you’re ahead for all those laps, it’s pretty hard to get out of your trajectory, which worked the whole race.

“I didn’t know how close he was until it was too late to get out of four. I didn’t know how high I could climb if I had enough of this journey. It was fun to run ahead. We’ve just been beaten by the best in the world.”

Brandon Sheppard finished 25th in the top five of the season and rounded out the podium.


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