Even though his numbers have dropped from Heisman’s 2021 season, Bryce YoungIn 2022, the game has changed. Young continues to show moments of clutching with his hands and feet, despite a large room in Alabama, which no longer has such Jameson Williams as well as John Metchiand I think his performance in the first half of the season got him back to the QB1 position ahead of the 2023 NFL Draft.

That doesn’t take anything away from Ohio State’s CJ Stroud, who was the #1 pick in 2023 too early for me and many others. Stroud is most likely to win a Heisman and is a great player with star potential and the size to take a hit in the NFL.

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Two reasons why Young is ahead of Stroud:

  1. His ability to stretch plays with his feet and avoids pressure.
  2. Opportunity to start right now as he has shown that he is an elite processor.
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Of course, it’s still not a dunk, and it will all come down to preference (does a certain front office really prioritize physical qualities? If so, Stroud will get a nod for them).

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Young stands out with these traits that your franchise quarterback should definitely have:

  • Expectation
  • Decision-making
  • Accuracy
  • Leadership and balance
  • Intelligence

Young is always calm and cool under pressure and it never seems to make noise. It is difficult to find a moment of adhesion in which he would not have coped. When Alabama needs him most, he is deadpan and almost always helpful. Of all his elite traits, this may be his best. Young smiled on the sidelines after Texas scored the goal and left him time to win the game.

Young has shown he’s unwavering in his pocket this season.despite the injury, and will stand in his pocket despite the fact that he knows that he will receive a brutal blow.

Young’s leadership was strengthened this year not only by its young recipients, but also by the support Jalen Milro in his first start in a tough spot against Texas A&M. Yang is a great leader with a professional mindset and is always improving his craft to become the best version of himself.

Young is an extremely mobile quarterback. but does not prefer to play football unless it is necessary (100 yards in the first week, but no more than 38 in a game since). This year, he has made many off-platform shots, throwing punch after punch. Young is elusive and can extend the game time and use his legs to avoid the pocket and calmly take shots on the run without panicking or making bad decisions.

Young does an excellent job of keeping his eyes on the field.. Yang has an uncanny sense of pressure and is rarely fired by one person in space.

Young is also a gifted thrower with a good arm for his size (6 feet, 194 pounds).. He is deadly accurate. Young has a quick release in the RPO game, is great at putting the ball where the receiver can maximize his YAC, and plays with a football IQ beyond his years. This year, Alabama has been running into the void more with a decent degree of success, giving him the ability to read the entire field and distribute light pitches and catches.

In fact, we are still in the early stages of the 2023 evaluation period and there is still a lot of football ahead of us and then the NFL Scouting Combine and Pro Days. Stroud will have a chance to strike back. But if you ask me today, Bryce Young is the top choice in 2023.


Young: 146 of 221 (66%), 1,906 yards, 18 TD, 3 INT, 86.7 QBR

Stroud: 113 of 190 (70%), 2023 yards, 28 TD, 4 INT, 92.6 QBR

Blake Brokermeyer is a football analyst for 247Sports. He was an All-American OT at the University of Texas and was selected in the first round of the NFL Draft by the Carolina Panthers in 1995. He was Security Quality Assurance Analyst at SMU from 2018 to 2020. He has sons on the Texas (Luke) and Alabama (Tommy, James) football teams.