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Bucks, Cavs lead top teams in 2022-23 NBA Power Rankings

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The Bucks and Cavs lead the 2022-2023 NBA strength rankings. originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

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Well, so much for predictions.

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The 2022-2023 NBA season is over in about a month, and things haven’t been that easy so far. Ranked in the top four in the first edition of the Power Rankings, Golden State Warriors lost five games in a row while the Utah Jazz, for example, taunt us for thinking they were going to lose the whole season.

In the Eastern Conference, two teams become elite contenders, and one former jazz star shines with his new team.

ahead Election DayLet’s rank all 30 teams by their performance at the beginning of November:

30. Houston Rockets, 1–9: We figured the Rockets probably wouldn’t be good this season, but 1-9 is another level of badness. The race for Victor Wembanyama will be intense. Also, someone please trade for Eric Gordon. (Last ranking: 26)

29. Detroit Pistons, 2-8: Cade Cunningham and Jayden Ivey could grow into something special, and Bojan Bogdanovic could be a popular trade candidate thanks to his electric start. (Last ranking: 27)

28. Charlotte Hornets, 3-7: Perhaps the biggest mistake in the second edition, the lack of a Lamelo ball, really stings the Hornets. A solid 2-1 start backed up by intriguing defensive numbers evaporated. (Last rating: 10)

27. Los Angeles Lakers, 2-7: Two wins in a row over Denver and New Orleans helped their cause a little, but this Lakers the list is just not good enough. (Last rating: 28)

26. Orlando Magic, 2-8: Paolo Banchero is a true defender and the attack has several ways to score a goal, but they still need to step up the defense. (Last rating: 30)

25. San Antonio Spurs, 5-5 They started 3-1 but, as I mentioned last time, the squad’s inexperience had to catch up. Aside from Keldon Johnson and Devin Vassell, the Spurs don’t have many positives. (Last rating: 11)

24. Washington Wizards, 4-6: Bradley Beal hasn’t reached his peak yet, but Kyle Kuzma’s all-round performance requires an opponent to come and call. (Last rating: 14)

23. Golden State Warriors, 3-7 Are the warriors okay? They’ve lost five games in a row and injuries have taken their toll, but Golden State needs to get off bronze — and fast. (Last rating: 4)

22. Los Angeles Clippers, 5-5: Kawhi Leonard only played two games, but Clippers have the second worst offensive rating in the league and don’t look like the title contenders we originally thought they were. (Last rating: 15)

21. Miami Heat, 4-6: Heat just look cold. They don’t seem to have improved much from last year and they are now 3-7 to 3-7 years apart. (Last ranking: 23)

20. Oklahoma City Thunder, 4-5 Shai Gilgeus-Alexander is ecstatic right now, but Sam Presti should probably tell him to relax if they want to get Wembanyama. (Last rating: 29)

19. New York Knicks, 4-5 Nix it’s still hard to predict, but losing to Milwaukee, Cleveland, Atlanta and Boston in four of their last five games shows the level they’re at in the East. (Last rating: 9)

18. Sacramento Kings, 3-5 kings are one of only two teams to have played just eight games, but their offense is 14th in the league and the De’Aaron Fox are out of their minds. (Last ranking: 22)

17. Brooklyn Nets, 4-6: They beat the teams they should have, but with difficulty. networks a mess and their ceiling doesn’t seem like it could be very high. (Last rating: 24)

16. Philadelphia 76ers, 4-6: I said it last time but 76ers just don’t touch me. If Joel Embiid plays as much as possible, it will help, but Philadelphia is not moving the needle in a conference that looks stronger. (Last ranking: 21)

15. Indiana Pacers, 4-6: Tyreese Halliburton and Bennedict Maturin are labeled “the best backcourt duo in the NBA,” even if they don’t win much this year. (Last rating: 25)

14. Chicago Bulls, 5-6: Chicago is basically on the same level as Brooklyn and Philadelphia. Bulls haven’t made many improvements to solidify their roster and it shows. (Last ranking: 20)

13. Minnesota Timberwolves, 5-5: The Minnesota have potential and it will be difficult for them to beat four times if they make the playoffs, which they should, but they need D’Angelo Russell to strengthen him and help Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns in the accrual department. points. (Last rating: 17)

12. Toronto Raptors, 6-4: They can get away with it in the regular season, but the Raptors’ half-court offense is very clumsy. However, Pascal Siakam is on his way to an All-Star appearance and rookie Christian Koloko is a defensive threat. (Last rating: 19)

11. Portland Trail Blazers, 6-3: Damian Lillard was definitely unhurt as the Trail Blazers were 2-3 up in their last five games after starting 4-0. Let’s see if Portland can find the right trail again. (Last rating: 1)

10. Dallas Mavericks, 5-3: Mavericks win games, but oh my god, help Luka Doncic. (Last rating: 18)

9. New Orleans Pelicans, 5-4: New Orleans lost two overtimes that shouldn’t have happened, but the Pelicans are a scary team when they’re at full health. Zion Williamson’s management and Brandon Ingram’s health should make them a regular in the top 10. (Last rating: 2)

8. Atlanta Hawks, 6-3: Trae Young and DeJonte Murray turned out to be exactly what we imagined them to be, and De’Andre Hunter is off to a good start too. (Last rating: 13)

7. Memphis Grizzlies, 7-3: Ja Morant and Desmond Bain are another electric couple, but there is no third option. Losing consecutive games to Utah also hurt. (Last rating: 12)

6. Denver Nuggets, 6-3: The loss on the road to the Lakers was strange, but the Joker is gaining momentum, and Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. will have to gradually find their best form again. Kentavius ​​Caldwell-Pope and Bruce Brown also proved to be good players this summer. (Last rating: 16)

5. Boston Celtics, 6-3: Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown do their thing for FROM. However, two losses to Cleveland in overtime is a hard pill to swallow. (Last rating: 5)

4. Utah Jazz, 8-3: In fact, nothing bad can be said about Yuta now. Much credit to new head coach Will Hardy and all the players, most notably Lauri Markkanen with Jordan Clarkson thriving in the starting XI. (Last rating: 8)

3. Phoenix Suns, 7-2: Losing Cam Johnson to injury will be painful and bench depth a major concern, but the Suns have gotten hotter this season with some big wins. (Last rating: 7)

2. Cleveland Cavaliers, 8-1: Star power? Check. Shot? Check. Elite defenders? Check. Versatility at both ends? Check. Depth? Check. Yes, Cleveland looks fine. (Last rating: 6)

1. Milwaukee Bucks, 9-0: Milwaukee doesn’t lose without Chris Middleton touching the court. The Bucks will play the Cavs on November 16. Sign me up. (Last rating: 3)


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