Buyout market update: Terrence Ross to sign with Suns, Reggie Jackson with Nuggets Watch Dončić, Irving combine for 55 in first game together; it’s not enough vs. Fox, Kings Harden not surprised Irving, Durant left Nets, “There was just a lot of dysfunction” While Paul George openly recruits him, Russell Westbrook reportedly leaning Bulls Reports: Magic near buyout with Terrence Ross, Mavericks frontrunners to sign

The two leading contenders in the West are getting a little deeper into the buyback market.

The Phoenix Suns need to replenish their base after sending a lot of good players to Brooklyn to land. Kevin Duran (a trade they would make 100 times out of 100). Terrence Ross help with this. The veteran wing is in buyout talks with the Magic and will then go to Durant in Phoenix, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Dallas was considered the leader, but the Suns can offer a compelling combination of minutes and a chance to play Durant. Ross is an experienced winger with good throw-take play, scoring 38.1% of 3 this season and can play on a secondary base if needed.

Denver Nuggets traded backup point guard Bones Highland by the deadline, now they’re going to fill that spot on the list Reggie Jacksonreports Shams Charania of The Athletic.

Jackson started 38 games for the Clippers this season and averaged 10.9 points per game while shooting 35% of 3, but the Clippers wanted to redesign their defensive position to play better with Kawhi Leonard And Paul Georgeso Jackson was traded for a backup big man Mason Plumlee. In Denver, he’ll step off the bench in the back Jamal Murray but there should be an update on top Ish Smith in those moments.

This is just the beginning of what’s likely to come busy buyout market this year.

SACRAMENTO, California (AP) — De’Aaron Fox scored 36 points, including six free throws in the final 18.4 seconds of overtime, to lead the Sacramento Kings to a 133-128 win over the Dallas Mavericks on Saturday night.

“Most point guards don’t guard me,” Fox said. “For me, it’s a little different. … It’s a lot, but I feel lucky with the tools to do it.”

Fox shot 12 of 23 from the field and scored 26 points in the fourth quarter and overtime.

Domantas Sabonis scored 22 points and 14 rebounds in his 44th double-double of the season, leading the NBA before fouling with 1:27 left in overtime.

Terence Davis also scored 22 points off the bench, and Kevin Huerter added 15.

“The guys did a damn good job,” said Kings coach Mike Brown. “Defensively, we did a good job in both second halves. … We had a lot of great individual performances.”

Kyrie Irving scored 28 points and Luka Doncic had 25 points and nine rebounds in the All-Stars’ first game on the court together as Mavericks teammates.

“I thought it was good,” Mavericks coach Jason Kidd said. “It was just natural. Nothing forced. This will make us a lot better. They’ve done an incredible job.”

Irving was acquired by Dallas from Brooklyn on Monday before the trade deadline. Josh Green added 23 points.

“It’s amazing, it’s only our first game together, but I think it’s a lot of fun to play with this guy,” Doncic said of playing with Irving. “He’s an amazing basketball player and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun, and today, in the first game, was a lot of fun too.”

When James Harden forced to leave Brooklyn a year ago, there was a narrative that “he’d better make things right in Philadelphia, his legacy is on the line after leaving Kevin Duran And Kyrie Irving“.

A year later, after Durant and Irving were forced to leave Brooklyn, Harden looks prudent.

And he’s not surprised that Durant and Irving followed him from Brooklyn.

“I didn’t just ask to leave for no reason…,” Harden said on Saturday. via The Associated Press.

“There were just a lot of dysfunctions, obviously. There were a lot of internal things that I never intended to just say or put in the media or anything like that, and that was one of the reasons I made the decision…

“But now, fast forward to today, I don’t look crazy. I don’t look like a guy, or a tramp, or whatever the media wants to call me. Like, I knew what was going on, and I just decided, like, I’m not made for this. I don’t want to deal with this. I want to play basketball and have fun and enjoy it.”

Harden is too savvy to go into the details of the dysfunction he saw in Brooklyn, but he clearly feels justified.

Dysfunction aside, there was context that led to Harden leaving the Nets, and three stars were the cause of some of the problems. Harden made it out of Houston to play Irving and Durant – to chase the ring – but Irving only played on the road due to his vaccination position (and New York’s vaccination mandate), while Durant pulled out with a knee injury. . The Big Three only played 16 games together and Harden made his way to Philadelphia soon after.

Harden came out of Brooklyn looking like the smart guy who got it, but he still has a lot of legacy on the line heading into these playoffs.

Russell Westbrook has options. He can report to Utah and play any limited role the team has for him until the end of the season, although that choice seems unlikely. He could just sit out the rest of the season and get his checks.

Or, most likely, he could negotiate a buyout deal with the Jazz and become a free agent. The Bulls, Heat, and Clippers are trying to recruit him. Westbrook is expected to take his time with his decision to survive the All-Star break. reports Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Bulls are considered the leader to land Westbrook, due in part to his ties to coach Billy Donovan, who coached Westbrook in Oklahoma City. The Bulls also need a point guard, where Lonzo Ball did not play for them this season due to slow recovery from his second knee surgery.

After the Clippers lost to the Bucks on Friday Paul George said he contacted Westbrook and tried to sell him on…


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