Pasadena (California) junior tight end Camden Jones has just announced that he will play in college for the Cal Bears.

“There were many reasons why I chose Cal,” Jones said. “I have the best relationship with their coaching staff, I like the location, it’s close to home, and I also like the teachers there.

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“I have visited several times and felt a real connection with the school and the staff. I vacationed with them over the summer and also saw the game and I love the atmosphere and just the general feeling I had when I was on campus.”

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The circuit fit was another big plus for the Bears.

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“I love how they use the tight end,” Jones said. “From what I’ve seen, this is great for me. They use the tight end exactly the way I want to be used offensively and I also have a great relationship with the TE coach, Jeep. Christ.

“He was my main recruiter and we had a really strong relationship. He has NFL experience and will be heavily involved in offensive training, so having your positional coach in that role would make my situation even better.”

Jones said he’s quite happy with the direction the program is taking under head coach Justin Wilcox.

“I really like Coach Wilcox,” Jones said. “I met him back in June when I was vacationing in Cal. He also recruited me, so it’s great when you hear the news from the head coach.”

“I love where the program is going and I think Coach Wilcox is doing a great job. Like I said, the staff have been great with me since the beginning, so I’m really excited now.”

As for the timing of the decision, Jones said he only feels ready as a junior.

“I had a good talk about it with my family,” Jones said. “We thought it would be a good idea to make a decision before my senior year. I wanted to know where I was going so I could start preparing for the next level and not have to worry about recruiting.

“I had a few good options and we decided that the first few schools that were offered to me were the ones I focused on. Cal was my first offer and they hired me harder than anyone. It works best for me, so I happy to come in and help change their program.”

Jones is one of the state’s top tight prospects and has a very high ceiling. We’ve had the chance to see him at a few off-season events and he has a lot to like.

It is only 6-6, 220 pounds with an 80 inch wingspan and has a huge grab radius. This frame alone will draw you to him, and he is progressing in sports, and he is becoming more and more comfortable catching football.