Mission Viejo (California) away Mikey Matthews blocked on official visit No. 4 and will visit Washington state in November.

We had a chance to see Matthews in action last Friday when his Diablo team took on Lawndale (CA) Leitzinger. He finished the game with three catches for 105 yards (35.0 pr.) and a touchdown, all in the first half.

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Mission was in control early and rarely dropped the ball in the second half. Matthews showed his strong hands and ability to run after prey. He easily ranks among the top receivers in the West and looks like he’ll be recruiting until at least mid to late November.

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Matthews has already made an official visit to Colorado and will travel to Boise this weekend. He also locked down Utah on October 15th and will check on the Cougars on November 12th.

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“Washington State has been showing a lot more interest lately and I’m definitely interested in them,” Matthews told us before the game Friday. “I love the way they play and I look forward to meeting them.

“Coach Morris proposed to me back in May and things have gotten better lately. It’s a good program, so we’ll see how it goes.”

Diablos said goodbye this weekend so he can take a trip to Boise on Friday and spend the entire weekend there.

Boise State has been very consistent with me since the beginning of my recruitment,” Matthews said. “I really like the coaching staff there, and I am very comfortable with everyone there and with the program in general.

“They have not one coach with them, but many coaches on staff who lend a helping hand and make sure that I know that I am a priority for them. I know it’s a big weekend for them, so I’m really excited to be there.”

Utah also agreed with Matthews, and Indiana is another school that jumped into the mix and is now a factor in his hiring.

“I’ll be in Utah for a USC game, so it’s going to be crazy,” Matthews said. “I really like Utah’s program, they develop players very well and they always have a really competitive team.

“I’m talking a lot with Indiana right now and they’re very insistent on my visit. I have one more and they are definitely on my list. Indiana is one of my latest offerings and I’m still looking into them, but I love them and it’s definitely a viable option.”