Canucks players in ‘tough situation’ with Bruce Boudreau stuck in limbo

Bruce Boudreau was visibly thrilled when fans serenaded him.
Bruce Boudreau was visibly thrilled when Canucks fans serenaded him with “Bruce, that’s it!” On Friday. (Reuters)

Talk of Bruce Boudreau’s precarious future with the Vancouver Canucks had reached a fever pitch, and it was only a matter of time before the players had something to say.

After Friday night’s 4-1 loss to the Colorado Avalanche, locker room emotions finally came out as Tyler Myers spoke after beating the reigning Cup champions.

“It looks like the way of thinking and the mood (surrounding the team) influenced us tonight,” he told reporters candidly after the game. “You can tell that the guys are upset, these are difficult times, a lot of things are happening.”

Myers went on to add that this stretch was undoubtedly the most unique he was a part of, especially striking given his place on the historically poor 2014-15 Buffalo Sabers team, who actively stripped their team to the ground in hopes of landing. young Connor McDavid.

“This is the biggest noise I’ve had in my entire career,” he said. “It’s not easy for many, but we all have jobs.

“You can’t embellish anything, this is a difficult situation (with Boudreau), difficult for many people. You take it easy and do your job the best you can.”

Meanwhile, in the away locker room, Andrew Cogliano, who played under Boudreau for the Anaheim Ducks for five seasons from 2011 to 2016, about the treatment of his former skipper.

“I have my own thoughts about what’s going on here with him on a personal level, and I don’t think it’s justified,” Colliano said. “He has done a good job in the league. We had a lot of success in Anaheim and I credit him with most of my league success. I love him.”

Cogliano added that given his reputation in the league as not only a good manager but also a good person, Boudreau will eventually weather the storm and get back on his feet when all is said and done.

All night long at Rogers Arena, the Canucks fans also contributed to making their position loud and clear, especially after Elias Petterson scored his 19th goal of the season midway through the second period. Spectators in Vancouver even chanted the legendary song “Bruce, that’s it!” in the third period, which seemed to elicit emotions from the boss of the emotional bench as he subtly placed his hand over his heart in gratitude.

“That was sweet,” Myers said, chuckling at the absurdity of it all. “Like I said, this is a difficult situation.

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