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Castellanos’ arm, Bohm’s bat propel streaking Phillies to a season-high nine games over .500

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Castellanos’ arm and Bohm’s bat put the Phillies on a nine-game season high with over .500. originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

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Electricity was in the air at Citizens Bank Park long before lightning struck on Thursday night. A large crowd of 35,395 turned out to watch the burning Phillies come home from a 5-1 away game with four new players to boot.

“They were definitely busy,” Nick Castellanos said of the crowd. “They sounded very supportive. I think they were also excited about what we have added and that we are waiting for the last two months of the season.

“I still don’t think we were as good as we could have been. I think the next two months of baseball could be very, very fun.”

Thursday night was fun.

The Phillies beat the Washington Nationals 5–4 in a contest that was reduced to 4.5 innings by rain. The two teams played baseball for one hour and 39 minutes, then waited out a two-hour six-minute delay before the game was completed and declared official.

The victory left the Phils 57-48.

It’s a season high with nine games over .500.

They are 36-19 on June 1 and 35-19 under Rob Thomson, who took over from Joe Girardi on June 3.

A pair of Phillies rookies played a big part in the win.

Starting pitcher Noah Sindergaard, acquired from the Los Angeles Angels minutes before Tuesday’s trade deadline, survived 11 hits and four runs in five innings to win in his Phillies debut.

Center fielder Brandon Marsh, who joined from the Angels in a separate deal on Tuesday, hit base in his first game with the new club. The Heat set off a four-run playoff in the third inning that ended with Alec Bohm’s three-run homer. Earlier, Rhys Hoskins hit a home run in the first inning.

Boma’s homer against Washington starter Paolo Espino gave the Phils a 5–2 lead. With bad weather approaching, the Nationals rallied for a couple of runs against Sindergaard in the top of the fifth and were poised to score a tie run until Castellanos shot Yadiel Hernandez down on the plate as he was trying to put the ball into right field. Josh Palacios.

Castellanos’ throw proved to be the last and most important move of the game, as the sky opened up moments later.

Sindergaard definitely liked the play.

This brought him victory.

“I didn’t realize the magnitude of it until after the game,” Sindergaard said.

Castellanos helped the Phillies win Wednesday’s game in Atlanta with a tie-break, two-run homer in the eighth. Twenty-four hours later, he sewed up the victory with his hand.

“I was telling Kyle[Schwarber]as soon as it came out of my hand, I was like, ‘This one was pretty good,’” Castellanos said of J.T. Realmuto’s snare throw. “And obviously the fact that he went off the plate made it even better.”

Castellanos said he didn’t know the weather was about to turn bad when he uncorked the throw.

“Now, that’s huge,” he said. “But at the time, I was just doing everything I could to stop the damage.”

Boma’s three-run homer has raised his batting average to .400 in his last 29 games. He has a .417 on-base percentage and a .591 slugging percentage over that period.

The Phillies have won 15 of their last 17 games against Washington, a team that has been selling talent for two straight years. The Phils have 10 more games against the Nuts this season and need to keep accumulating wins.

Syndergaard was acquired to support the back of the rotation. Thomson believed that the right-hander had rusted after not pumping for nine days.

“He fought it,” said Thomson, who only met with the pitcher hours before the game.

The Phillies are hoping that Sindergaard can make an impact like Joe Blanton did in 2008 or Pedro Martinez did in 2009. Both were chosen to bolster the rotation during those seasons. The 2008 Phillies went 9-4 in Blanton’s starts that season, and the 2009 Phillies went 8-1 in Martinez’s starts.

Sindergaard was intimately familiar with Philadelphia pitching from his days with the New York Mets. He was warming up in the bullpen when he heard his name announced over the PA system.

“Definitely the hairs on the back of my neck stood up when I heard my name and heard the crowd,” he said. Philadelphia fans are very passionate. They expect greatness and they expect us to win and I have to do my part to make sure we succeed.

“Having been with the Mets for a long time, I never imagined myself in the form of the Phillies. I’m very proud to be wearing baby blue tonight and I’m looking forward to wearing the red stripe. I’m excited and happy to be at this club and with a struggling team that has high hopes to make it all the way to the top.

“The people are amazing at this club. I just want to do my part and help this team reach the end goal.”

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