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Cavaliers reportedly extend Dean Wade for three years, $18.5 million Lonzo Ball says ‘I can’t run’ or jump; Bulls’ Donovan has to plan for extended absence Deandre Ayton says he hasn’t spoken to coach Williams since Game 7 Report: Lakers would have traded both first-round picks for Irving, Mitchell New coach, new attitude, but will that fix Lakers defense, Westbrook fit?

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This could be a steal for the Cavaliers. Dean Wade could be a starting trio for the Cavaliers by the end of this season, and he has real potential.

The Cavaliers gave Wade a three-year $18.5 million extension, a story in which multiple sources were at the top, including ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

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Wade’s stats aren’t mind blowing – 5.3 ppg and 35.7% shooting from 3 – but he’s a quality wide back who has improved as a spreader (setting up spades and popping occasionally). He is a two-sided player who has done a great job and can pass. Isaac Okoro on the depth chart this season.

The Cavaliers have four All-Star players who will undoubtedly play for them – Darius Garland as well as Donovan Mitchell in the rear Jarrett Allen as well as Evan Mobley ahead – and the question of a troika looms. Wade has a chance this season to enter this role.

Which makes his renewal for just over $6 million a season a potential steal for the Cavaliers.

Officially, Lonzo Ball will be out 4-6 weeks after he had a knee endoscopy this week.

However, this is his second operation on his left knee this year – he had surgery on his meniscus in January, after which he was never able to return to the court – and there are fears that Ball could again miss significant time. And coach Billy Donovan has no choice but to schedule an extended absence.

On Tuesday, Ball spoke to reporters on Zoom, and his words were too optimistic. Rob Schaefer reported on the call for NBC Sports Chicago.:

“Literally, I really can’t run. I can’t run or jump. There is a range of 30 to 60 degrees when my knee is bent that I have no strength and I can’t catch myself. Until I can do what I can’t play,” Ball said. “I went to rehab and got better, but I couldn’t go outside and run full speed or jump. So surgery is the next step.”

The symptoms are something that Ball says he has never experienced, and doctors are “a little surprised,” he says.

It’s not good when doctors are surprised. Ball said the doctors don’t see anything on the MRI, but there’s clearly something wrong, so they’re going to find the problem and fix it.

Ball was diligent in recovery from the very beginning, the problem was knee pain. Something was wrong after the first operation. Whatever it is.

In 4-6 weeks, Ball will be back in early November, but you know they’ll be too careful with him after last year. Coach Billy Donovan was honest – he should be planning a season without Ball.

The Bulls need Ball in the deep and complex East. It provides protection, accelerates the pace in transitions and takes care of the rock. There are other players in Chicago who can do the same individually. Alex Caruso can protect Coby White pushing the transition, Goran Dragic taking care of the ball – but the Bulls are missing one player who can do it all. At least they don’t have it until Ball gets back.

Whenever it was.

In Game 7 against the Mavericks last May, the Suns coach Monty Williams center bench Deandre Ayton, who ended up playing just 17 minutes in a crushing loss to Phoenix. When asked about it after the game, Williams said, “This is an internal matter.”

According to Ayton, Ayton and Williams have not spoken since.

Yes. Remember, this includes the summer when the Suns didn’t offer Ayton a maximum contract extension, so he went and got it from the Pacers, and the Suns instantly agreed. Ayton didn’t seem thrilled to be back in Phoenix for Media Day, and he was pretty casual with his coach.

That’s what every fan wants to hear – “it’s just my job.”

Journalists asked Williams about this, and he fought back by stating that he hadn’t talked to many players yet.

It’s only the first day of training camp, but there are a lot of red flags around the Suns: Owner Robert Sarver has been suspended and is selling the team, Jay Crowder not in camp, waiting for a trade, and right now there isn’t much communication between the team’s star center and her coach.

Maybe it’s all for nothing. Maybe the Suns will come out onto the court, Chris Paul looks younger Devin Booker looks like Devin Booker and it doesn’t matter. But what looked like a stable situation not too long ago is now causing a lot of fear ahead of the season, and that should worry Suns fans.

“If you make this trade, it has to be right, you have one chance to do it,” Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka said on press day, lifting the veil a little on his thoughts about trading two picks in the first round. “Therefore, we are very thoughtful about decisions about when and how to use project capital in a way that improves our lineup.”

This is confirmed by constant reports from Los Angeles all summer long: the Lakers will only trade their only two first-round picks, which they have complete control of, for the rest of this decade (2027 and 2029) for a deal that will make them contenders.

This meant landing Kyrie Irving or


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