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CeeDee Lamb comes up with clutch plays to lift the Cowboys to huge win over Giants

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The Dallas Cowboys need all of their star players to do more while Dak Prescott is out.

On Monday night in the fourth quarter, CeeDee Lamb did little. The Cowboys’ new No. 1 receiver made little impact. His biggest moment of the season wasn’t a big one, losing what would have been a huge first-half catch against the New York Giants. He was basically a ghost when the attack desperately needed him to play.

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When the Cowboys needed him most in the fourth quarter, Lamb came alive. He held onto a 4-yard catch on fourth and fourth despite hitting hard. He lost 26 yards to the 1-yard line. He then made a remarkable touchdown catch, passing Cooper Rush with one hand and tapping his toes as he jumped. It was a highlight.

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Those three draws were the biggest difference in a huge 23-16 victory for the Cowboys, who are trying to stay in the playoff race until Prescott returns from thumb surgery. They are good at it.

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Dallas is 2-0 with Rush at the start, which is better than anyone could hope for. Rush did his job again Monday night. The defense was fantastic. But Lamb was a hero after a tough start.

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver C.D. Lamb (88) scored a superb touchdown in a victory over the Giants.  (AP Photo/Adam Hanger)
Dallas Cowboys wide receiver C.D. Lamb (88) scored a superb touchdown in a victory over the Giants. (AP Photo/Adam Hanger)

Violations start very slowly on MNF

There was no touchdown in the game approximately two hours into the game. Sakwon Barkley, who looks rejuvenated this season, had a good touchdown, closing the field for 36 yards and scoring. This gave the Giants a 13-6 lead with less than six minutes left in the third quarter.

The Cowboys’ attack, which had been dormant all night, revived after Barkley’s touchdown. Dallas had the best drive by this point in the night, when he drove 75 yards in nine plays. Ezekiel Elliott scored from 1 yard to equalize.

It took some time, but suddenly there was some intrigue on Monday Night Football.

One of the reasons there were so few points was that Lamb missed a potential touchdown pass right in the hands. Rush hit him 40 yards downfield and he had a good 52-yard touchdown shot, but he just threw the perfect pass. There were other moments on Monday night when Lamb didn’t handle the situation. For 11 quarters of the season, he was a little disappointing.

He made up for that, and then something else when he got hot in the fourth quarter and put the Cowboys ahead. This is what the Cowboys wanted to see this season, and exactly what they needed to win the big game on Monday night.

Cowboys survived without Dak Prescott

The NFC East probably won’t do well this season outside of the Philadelphia Eagles. The Giants started 2-0, but after two close wins against mediocre teams, no one bought into them. Washington commanders are probably bad again.

The Cowboys had a ready excuse. Prescott has been out since picking up a thumb injury at the end of a Week 1 loss, though he hopes to be back soon. Until he returns, the Cowboys offense will have a hard time scoring. Rush has performed well as a substitute, but when Prescott enters the field, things are different.

They compete without Prescott. The defense made a great pass and kept the Cowboys in the game. Dallas looked like he was in trouble after the Barkley touchdown, but he reacted in a big way. The Giants still had a chance. They had 91 yards left, and the Cowboys had less than two minutes left after the hit. Trevon Diggs defeated Daniel Jones with 1:09 left and the victory was secured.

The Cowboys considered a terrible start with Prescott missing a few weeks, but they rallied, the defense was really good and they had good games when they needed them. Looks like by the time Prescott gets back, they’ll still be within range of the Eagles. It’s amazing.

If Dallas makes the playoffs, Monday night’s win will be a big reason to do so. And Lamb should get a lot of credit.


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