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Celtics add No. 6 in parquet paint to honor legend Bill Russell Wembanyama: being drafted by right franchise more important than going No.1 (but he’d like to be No.1 Celtics’ Robert Williams out 4-6 weeks, will miss preseason after having knee scoped Anthony Edwards fined $40,000 for homophobic language in Instagram story Draymond Green calls on Board of Governors to vote out Robert Sarver

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BOSTON. The Boston Celtics painted Bill Russell’s number six on the free throw lanes on the hardwood pitch as part of a planned season-long tribute to the Hall of Famer who died this summer.

“The team added the number 6 to both lanes to pay tribute to Bill Russell’s dominating paint play,” the Celtics said Monday.

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The team said they would honor Russell in other ways this season, including spending two nights in his honor – one at the season opener on October 18 and one on February 12, when he would have turned 89. The Celtics will also wear a special Russell jersey for some games. Their regular uniforms will also have something in honor of him.

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The NBA has announced that every team in the league will retire at number six in honor of the civil rights pioneer and 11-time NBA champion who passed away on July 31st. secretary table.

Victor Wembanyama has no control over which NBA team he goes to training camp with in a year – that will determine the lottery ping-pong ball. The 7-foot-4 French prodigy is the clear No. 1 consensus at the top of the 2023 NBA draft boards and is considered a potential player of a generation.

But in a wise statement to the 18-year-old, he said that landing with the right franchise is more important to him than being #1, even though he would like to be picked first. From an interview with Uembanyama during the press session of the French Basketball League: courtesy of

“The most interesting thing is to always find an organization that will take care of the project and the player. So it’s better to be second, third or 20th in the draft if you have a better career after that,” he explained. “I don’t know if it’s pride, there’s a part of me [of me] it means that there should be no one in front of me.”

Chances are there’s no one ahead of him (although G League Ignite’s defenseman Scoot Henderson is also considered a potential cornerstone player for the franchise, with 2023 generally seen as a strong pick at the top). The only thing that could make a difference is an injury: Wembanyama is 7ft 4in and weighs only 209lbs. This is the same problem that teams had about Chet Holmgren is going into the draft this year and is now out of action with an accidental foot injury. Wembanyama had serious injuries and did not play at EuroBasket due to injuries.

“It doesn’t bother me,” Wembanyama said of his injury history. “I didn’t have any serious injuries, which is reassuring. We know that in the NBA [medical] support is the best, light years away. So there is no cause for concern.”

NBA fans will get the chance to see Wembanyama and Henderson face off when his Paris-based Metropolitans 92 team faces the G-League Ignite in two games outside of Las Vegas in early October. Those two games are unlikely to change the top of the draft board, but if Wembanyama falls off that top spot for some reason, he doesn’t mind.

As long as he is in the right place for his career.

Robert Williams underwent knee surgery last March and returned to the playoffs playing with a sore knee that swelled up during the NBA Finals: a knee to make sure I run,” and he played well. It was hoped that during the off-season, one of the favorites for Defensive Player of the Year would be ready for the start of the Celtics’ season.

But Williams is currently out of training camp and possibly the start of the season because he needs a knee replacement, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Surgery is scheduled for this week. The Celtics will open the season on October 18 at home against Joel Embiid and the Philadelphia 76ers. While it’s entirely possible that Williams could return for this game, the Celtics would be wise to take their time with a crucial part of their defense for the October game when what really matters to this team starts in April. Boston learned the hard way last season about what happens when players wear out in the postseason, the focus will be on keeping the Celtics core players fresh for this playoff.

Williams averaged 10 points and 9.6 rebounds per game last season, but his biggest contribution was on defense — the Celtics had the best defense in the NBA last season and that D was 3.7 points per 100. possessions are better when Williams was on the court. last season. In the playoffs, the Celtics’ defense was 6.4 points out of 100 better when Williams defended the rim – bad knee and all.

With a six-week schedule, if all goes well, Williams should be ready to play in early November.

Like he’s on the court Anthony Edwards was quick – this time with apologies for using homophobic language to describe a group of men in an Instagram story.

This likely saved Edwards a lot of money, but not entirely from punishment. The NBA fined Edwards $40,000 for “using offensive and derogatory language on social media.”

Edwards got off lightly, which seems to be the NBA’s punishment trend of late. As a precedent Kevin Duran was fined $50,000 for homophobic and misogynistic private messages that became public. That’s where Edwards’ quick apology probably saved him.

Edwards could have done more by volunteering with LGBTQ+ organizations in the Minneapolis area. what Kareem Abdul-Jabbar recommended in his Substack.

“We are disappointed with the language and actions of Anthony Edwards on social media,” said Timberwolves president. Tim Connelly stated earlier in the statement. “Timberwolves strives to be inclusive and welcoming…


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