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Celtics: Investigation of Udoka found multiple violations of team policy Report: Celtics reach out to former assistant Larranaga about joining Mazzulla’s staff Hawks trade Harkless, second-round pick to Thunder for Vit Krejci Lonzo Ball says ‘I can’t run’ or jump; Bulls’ Donovan has to plan for extended absence Deandre Ayton says he hasn’t spoken to coach Williams since Game 7

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Ime Udoki’s suspension from the Celtics for the 2022-2023 NBA season comes after an investigation by an outside law firm found he has “many violations” of team policy, Celtics co-owner Vic Groesbeck said Friday, adding, that it remains valid. punishment (which some considered too harsh).

And no, Brad Stevens will not return to the bench.

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Those were the two big takeaways from Grosbeck and team president Brad Stevens at Friday’s press conference. Although the couple avoided discussing the details of the allegations against Udoka, who had an inappropriate intimate relationship with a Celtics employee, some things have come to light.

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Here are the key takeaways from the press conference and reports since the announcement.

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• The Celtics spent months investigating the situation and hired an outside law firm to investigate, Groesbeck said. That investigation concluded on Wednesday and uncovered “multiple violations” of the team’s code of conduct, leading to Udoki’s suspension from the team. Follow-up reporting Shams Charania from The Athletic found that “a woman recently accused Udoka of making unsolicited comments about her.” There were some serious power dynamics involved in the situation, sources told NBC Sports, and it was far more confusing than early reports suggested.

• The Celtics players were “very concerned about this” and Grausbeck told them about the situation.

Stevens was moved almost to tears. due to occasional and rampant Twitter speculation about who the woman associated with Udoka was (some Celtics fans speculated and posted photos of employees on social media, unfairly dragging them into this nightmare).

“There are many talented women in our organization. I thought yesterday was a very hard day for them,” Stevens said. “No one can control the Twitter speculation, the bulls *** running rampant, but I do think it’s our responsibility as an organization to be there to support them now. Because many people have been unfairly drawn into it.”

• There is a “significant” financial component to Udoka’s suspension, Grosbeck said.

• The duo confirmed reports that assistant head coach Joe Mazzula would become interim head coach.

• Grausbeck added that he asked Stevens about a possible return to the bench, but “Joe is the best bet to make it a big deal,” Stevens said.

• Mazzulla was arrested in 2009 in Morgantown, West Virginia, on charges of domestic battery, where he allegedly grabbed a woman by the neck. Steven said that they checked the situation before hiring Mazzulla and that he takes full responsibility for the incident.

“[I feel] strongly that it probably shaped him into what he is today in a very, very good way. He will be the first to tell you that he is 100% responsible for this,” Stevens said.

• Because the coaching staff is currently smaller and less experienced, it is possible that a veteran coach will be added to the staff, Stevens said, but there has been no talk of the matter yet.

• Both Stevens and Groesbeck have said a decision has yet to be made on what happens next this season – with Udoka and the coaching position. The Celtics are going to take their time with this.

• This quote from Grousbeck summarized the general theme of the press conference: “We believe our culture is very strong. We are very proud of this. But it shocked. I don’t think there’s a bigger problem than the one we’ve spent months uncovering.”

The Boston Celtics are reportedly looking for a veteran assistant to bench him next to 34-year-old Joe Mazzulla, the man who was benched as title contender’s head coach after Ime Udoka’s suspension.

Who could be better than a guy who spent nine years on the bench for the Celtics? Boston has approached Jay Larranaga, who is currently on the Clippers’ bench, about returning to the East Coast, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

The Clippers have not had a Tyronne Liu turnover this season. Mazzulla became a confidant of the Clippers staff, working hard with the big me on the roster. However, if the Celtics back Brink’s truck, the Clippers won’t get in his way if he wants to leave. It’s a matter of comfort level, lifestyle and, of course, money for Larranaga.

The Celtics appointed Mazzulla as their interim head coach after an investigation uncovered “multiple violations” of team policy by Udoka, who had an inappropriate relationship with a team employee. So far, the Celtics and Udoka have managed to cover up the details of what happened, but league sources have described NBC Sports’ situation as “ugly” and “messy,” especially if/when those details become public. .

It was good for the Celtics players to just get back on the court, practice on Tuesday and focus on basketball and not the franchise turmoil.

“Once we got on the court, it was just nice to get back on the court and look at our defense and talk about offense and what we’re doing.” Al Horford reported the Associated Press. “It’s good to just play basketball. That’s what we’re here for. It’s important to just start over again.”

Getting another coach on the bench will be important for the Celtics as well.

The Atlanta Hawks just saved some money by getting under the luxury tax. The Oklahoma City Thunder were selected in the second round due to contract issues.

Hawks exchanged Mo Harkless and a second round pick in favor of The Thunder for Vit Krejci announced by the teams (Shams Charania of The Athletic was the first).

This would save Atlanta just over $3 million, moving them from above the luxury tax line to $1.3 million below it. While the almighty dollar was the primary motivation at ATL, the Hawks also took on the development project. Krayci showed great promise as a rookie, playing in 30 games and averaging 6.2 points and 3.4 rebounds per night before undergoing a knee endoscopy in April.

Krayci was on the verge of making the team in Oklahoma City, and now the Thunder are picking a guy they could have turned down anyway in the second round.

Harkless, 29, is on an expiring $4.6 million contract, which fits in nicely with the Thunder’s handicapped exemption. Chet HolmgrenFoot injury at the end of the season.

The Thunder are expected to waive Harkless and buy him out, making him a free agent. However, they could keep him and see if another trade could get them another round two pick.


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