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Celtics’ Robert Williams out 4-6 weeks, will miss preseason after having knee scoped Anthony Edwards fined $40,000 for homophobic language in Instagram story Draymond Green calls on Board of Governors to vote out Robert Sarver Report: Suns actively working toward Jae Crowder trade Celtics add No. 6 in parquet paint to honor legend Bill Russell

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Robert Williams underwent knee surgery last March and returned to the playoffs playing with a sore knee that swelled up during the NBA Finals: a knee to make sure I run,” and he played well. It was hoped that during the off-season, one of the favorites for Defensive Player of the Year would be ready for the start of the Celtics’ season.

But Williams is currently out of training camp and possibly the start of the season because he needs a knee replacement, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

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Surgery is scheduled for this week. The Celtics will open the season on October 18 at home against Joel Embiid and the Philadelphia 76ers. While it’s entirely possible that Williams could return for this game, the Celtics would be wise to take their time with a crucial part of their defense for the October game when what really matters to this team starts in April. Boston learned the hard way last season about what happens when players wear out in the postseason, the focus will be on keeping the Celtics core players fresh for this playoff.

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Williams averaged 10 points and 9.6 rebounds per game last season, but his biggest contribution was on defense — the Celtics had the best defense in the NBA last season and that D was 3.7 points per 100. possessions are better when Williams was on the court. last season. In the playoffs, the Celtics’ defense was 6.4 points out of 100 better when Williams defended the rim – bad knee and all.

With a six-week schedule, if all goes well, Williams should be ready to play in early November.

Like he’s on the court Anthony Edwards was quick – this time with apologies for using homophobic language to describe a group of men in an Instagram story.

This likely saved Edwards a lot of money, but not entirely from punishment. The NBA fined Edwards $40,000 for “using offensive and derogatory language on social media.”

Edwards got off lightly, which seems to be the NBA’s punishment trend of late. As a precedent Kevin Duran was fined $50,000 for homophobic and misogynistic private messages that became public. That’s where Edwards’ quick apology probably saved him.

Edwards could have done more by volunteering with LGBTQ+ organizations in the Minneapolis area. what Kareem Abdul-Jabbar recommended in his Substack.

“We are disappointed with the language and actions of Anthony Edwards on social media,” said Timberwolves president. Tim Connelly stated earlier in the statement. “The Timberwolves strives to be an inclusive and welcoming organization for all and apologizes for the offense this has caused to many.”

Edwards and the Timberwolves have been in the spotlight this season after the team traded for Rudy Gobertforming a front line with twin towers Karl-Anthony Towns. Edwards averaged 21.3 points per game last season and is poised to be an All-Star this season (if not more).

On the latest episode of his podcast, Draymond Green called on the league’s Board of Governors to vote to remove Robert Sarver from the Suns.

“Can this guy just go back into the womb like he still represents us? Like he’s a part of us? This cannot be. Because I, especially African Americans, are uncomfortable. I am very embarrassed and I know that in this position you can just do whatever you want and since you own the asset you cannot be punished.

“I saw where the commissioner [Adam] Silver said: “I took every possible step. The maximum fine that I can hand out, I handed out. To [Robert Sarver] be ejected as a franchise owner and forced to sell, that vote will fall to two-thirds of the other owners of those assets.” So what I’d like to say is, why don’t we have a vote?”

The NBA requires 75% Board of Governors approval to remove other owners. This means that 22 out of 29 other governors/owners will have to vote to remove Sarver.

After reports surfaced that Sarver made racist, sexist and other derogatory comments in the workplace, the league finally punished him last week after a lengthy investigation. He was suspended for one year, fined $10 million, and will be required to take sensitivity courses.

But many in the league believe the punishment was light, given years and years of inappropriate, hatred-inspiring behavior. The idea of ​​bringing Sarver back to the Suns in 2023-24 seems like the wrong idea.

“The NBA stands for inclusion,” Greene said. “The NBA stands for diversity. The NBA is definitely against bigotry and racism… This report, released last week, is the exact opposite of everything the NBA stands for.”

Perhaps the outrage from many of the league’s high-profile leaders will be enough to push for more action against Sarver.

it’s not a secret Jay Crowder wants an exchange from Phoenix. Besides the rumors around the league all summer long, he pinned an Instagram comment about Heat trade to get Crowder back. The sun will probably give Cam Johnson Crowder has played many minutes this season to shoot more on the floor, and Phoenix is ​​one of the teams looking to trade Bojan Bogdanovic to Utah, according to multiple reports.

Brian Windhorst of ESPN said in NBA Today Suns in talks with teams over Crowder dealhat tip

“They have been very active in the past week,” Windhorst said. “Now they are in trade negotiations. Many of them are centered around Jay Crowder. Jay Crowder is a player that is available on the market right now.”

Heat seeks help at four after PJ Tucker gone and showing interest in Crowder (as well as…


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