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Chiefs RB requested release on Twitter last week. Andy Reid addressed that topic Friday

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Seven days ago, Friday night during the Chiefs farewell week, running back Ronald Jones posted a tweet that quickly went viral.

“Of course, I would like to RELEASE right now,” tweet read.

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Jones, who signed as a free agent with the Chiefs in March, has yet to feature in an active game day in Kansas City’s seven games this season.

On Friday, coach Andy Reed was asked about the Jones situation, specifically managing expectations for guys like Jones who aren’t playing as much as they would like.

“I mean, look, Ronald would play for most teams and it just didn’t work out,” Reid said. “It’s a weird deal because that’s what happens to guys.”

Jones, when The Star approached him in the dressing room on Friday, declined to comment.

Reed said he spoke to Jones recently, saying he spoke to him “yesterday or the day before, whenever that may be.”

“Look, I appreciate his passion,” Reed said. “He didn’t have to do it all (with tweet) but I appreciate his passion.”

Jones, 25, has broken the 100-carry mark in each of his last three years with the Tampa Bay Pirates. This includes the 978-yard racing season in 2020.

After signing in March Jones told reporters he longed to be able to contribute to the attack of the chiefs.

“I think another feature of the Andy Reed system is that everyone will eat,” Jones said at the time. “I am very happy to see that my number is called, and I take it from there.”

Jones was on the verge of being fired in August ahead of a strong performance in Chiefs’ last preseason game against Green Bay led to what he did initial list of 53 people. On Friday, Reid talked about how Jones’ latest coaching impression has affected his position on the roster.

“It wasn’t until the very end of training camp that he didn’t turn it on or something and show us he can handle offense. By then, the other guys had solidified their positions,” Reid said. “So that doesn’t mean he can’t play. I mean, he’s a good footballer. We have a couple of these guys.”

This season, the Chiefs have rotated carries among their three running backs — Clyde Edwards-Heler, Isaiah Pacheco, and Jerick McKinnon. However, Edwards-Hehler leads the KC with 65 shots. Pacheco made his first start In the last game, the coaching staff worked to ensure that he was removed more often.

All three players remained healthy, leaving Jones out of the three-man team’s rotation.

Perhaps injuries can change that in the future. Reed said on Friday that the Chiefs have been “blessed” by Jones and also said the team appreciates his work and how he handled himself.

“He wants to play. That’s what he wants to do,” Reed said. “You can’t blame him for that.


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