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Chris Buescher is NASCAR’s stuntman with rollover, fire this season

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BROOKLYN, Michigan. Parents always want the best for their child, but Chris Buescherparents want something else for him this rollercoaster season.

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While the RFK Racing driver has had good results, it was his stunt antics that drew the most attention this year.

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He was the first driver to ride a Next Gen car, falling 4.5 times on the Coca-Cola 600.

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He stayed in his car last weekend in Indianapolis after it caught fire. He returned after losing two laps and finished 10th.

“My parents sent me a message after that,” Buescher said on Saturday. “They said, ‘Perhaps you deserve to be paid for working in dangerous conditions.’

It was just such a season for Buescher, who also missed the race after testing positive for COVID-19. Buescher is in Sunday’s Cup race at the Michigan International Speedway (3:00 pm ET on the USA Network) and needs a win to make the playoffs.

This season he has been strong on the road, but last week after being sacked he didn’t have much of a chance.

Buescher said white smoke was coming from the right side door as he entered pit road for a scheduled stop shortly before the end of the first stage.

A contact near the doors earlier in the race had bent the exhaust pipes. Car smoke burned part of the door.

“I sort of put up with it,” Buescher said. “When we pull into pit road, I think it’s only the deceleration and maybe the backlash (pipes), the flames coming out as we pull into pit road, that finally set it on fire.”

Buescher said the smoke inside the car turned black as he drove down pit road. He said he got out of the car in “a fraction of a second” before the fire was put out.

“We are not giving up,” Buescher said. “We’re going to keep an eye on it and get what we can every week.”

Buescher’s car wasn’t the only one that burned down last weekend at Indy. Joey Logano there was also a fire in his car at the end of the race.

“It seems the same thing that happened to my car happened to Buescher’s car: the exhaust pipe went back into the rocker and basically melted the panels around it and then ignited the foam inside the door,” Logano said Saturday in Michigan. . “So obviously we need to look into that. Learning Curves with a Racing Car”.

This is not the first case of a fire in a car this year. Tyler Reddick there was a similar situation during the test in Kansas in March. Reddick said his problem stemmed from the exhaust coming into contact with the underbody or sill panels. This created a hole and debris and dust got into his eyes.

“It was pretty terrible to breathe,” Reddick said.

Asked that Buescher remained in his car all this time and it was extinguished, Reddick said: “He’s a psychologically strong guy.”

Buescher didn’t want to get out of the car last week because of how strong it was.

“We’ve had three months of really good speed, big improvements in RFK,” said Buescher, who has three top 10s in the last seven races. “We have nothing to show. We keep talking about highlights that are not race wins, even though we were very competitive in that.

“It’s tough. We can see it internally where we are, but it’s hard for most racing fans to see that when they look at the results and we’re not winning races yet. I think getting into the top 10 on the Indy showed what we’re up to.” able”.


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