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Christian Vazquez noticed old teammate Brayan Bello’s injury, alerted Red Sox

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Vazquez warns former coach Alex Cora about Brian Bello’s injury originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

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Alex Cora’s plan was to reset the bullpen in Wednesday’s game against the Houston Astros. Left-handed pitcher Rich Hill started for the Boston Red Sox, and rookie Brian Bello took over.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan. Bello took the lead in the fourth inning but threw only 19 pitches before coming off the mound in his running shoes with a left groin strain.

Vazquez talks about the strange experience of meeting with the Red Sox immediately after the trade

“I saw it right before the fight (against Jeremy Peña), he was stretching.” – Cora told reporters after Boston’s 6-1 loss, via “Then he threw two innings, he didn’t do much, and on that one he backed off.”

Cora wasn’t the only one who noticed Bello’s pain. Christian Vasquez, who was traded from Sox to Astros just two days before, he showed concern for his former teammate.

“On the other side was the catcher (Vasquez) who was also paying a lot of attention and pointing, and I was like, ‘I got it, yeah,’” Cora said. “Hopefully nothing serious, nothing that will take X days and he will be fine.”

Bello looked to build on his performance against the Milwaukee Brewers last week, where he pitched four innings and only allowed two tries.

“Obviously, it is very important. He thought, “Give me one more step to get this over with.” But if I let you quit and you really get hurt, I’ll go to Caguas (Cora’s hometown in Puerto Rico),” Cora joked.

The 23-year-old pitcher spoke to the media after Wednesday’s game to give more details about his injury.

“I felt it a bit during my last serve to Vazquez (as a striker),” Bello said. “In the next steps, I started to feel it more and more. I decided to stop.”

As for when Bello will return to the pitching rotation, the question still remains.

“I hope it’s not that long. To be honest, I don’t know how long this will last,” Bello said in an interview with the media.

Right-handed pitcher Nick Pivetta is expected to start Thursday night’s game for the Red Sox against the Kansas City Royals. Let’s hope the Sox can bounce back from Wednesday’s loss with the help of their new baseman Eric Hosmer.


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