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Clemson’s Dabo Swinney: New perspective for Tigers’ camp

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CLEMSON, SC – Clemson trainer Dabo Sweeney taught many lessons over the past seven seasons. Along the way, some landmarks got lost among all these victories.

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“There are certain things that cannot be taught on a mountaintop,” Sweeney said when the Tigers opened fall camp.

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Sweeney believes his team is looking to the future from a new, healthier perspective after what she went through in 2021. A year ago, the Tigers were the clear favorites, winning their seventh straight Atlantic Coast Conference crown and their seventh straight college football playoff spot.

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Instead, Clemson opened the scoring 4–3, including losses to eventual national champion Georgia and ACC winner Pittsburgh.

The Tigers, according to Sweeney himself, weren’t doing very well, but he told them they would be judged on how they recovered when the season remained to be played.

Clemson finished with six consecutive wins – the longest current streak among Power Five programs – and has shown more than impressive momentum this offseason.

“They got a reset in the evaluation of the win,” Sweeney said. “Sometimes you can win so much that you can lose respect for what it takes.”

Any disrespect for the process was accompanied by a series of injuries the likes of which the program had not experienced for several years. starting tail Will Shipley missed three games with a foot injury on defense Brian Breeze — like Shipley, a five-star rookie, lost the last nine games after tearing his ACL in a loss to North Carolina State.

Both did not participate in spring training, but returned to the field and were eager to deliver a shot that they could not use to the fullest last season.

This summer, Bresi was released from liability and was happy to work with his teammates again.

“I think we’ve gotten a lot closer as a team this offseason,” Bresi said. “It was a big deal for us.”

Shipley said the momentum from last year’s finish was a big lift for the Tigers.

“We definitely have that in our hearts,” he said. “We’re ready to play there September 5” at Georgia Tech to open the season.

Starting quarterback DJ Wiagaleley also went through growing pains. It is considered an indispensable successor to the winner of the national championship and the top pick in the draft. Trevor LawrenceWiagaleley struggled with footwork and accuracy.

Wiagaleley completed less than 56% of his shots for 2,246 yards, nine touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He heard grumbling from fans who wanted him to move.

Instead of getting upset, Wiagaleley took care of his body and habits. He eliminated most junk food and said he was 20 pounds lighter this week than his stated 250 pounds a year ago.

“Hell, he lost 20-25 pounds,” Shipley said. “His loyalty has never been questioned. … I can’t wait to see it prosper.”

Wiagalelei has been hard at work studying videos and perfecting his technique in hopes of leading Clemson to a championship fight, offensive coordinator. Brandon Streeter said.

“I’m very proud of where (Wiagalelei) is, fighting through some of the hardships he went through last year and just getting through it,” said Streeter, also the quarterbacks coach. “It’s part of life and he’s learning those lessons and he’s doing great now.”

A thinner Wiagaleley warmed up before leading Clemson in the starting lineup on the field in a quick attack. His throws were sharp and right on target.

Sweeney said Wiagaleley will be healthier on the pitch this season, as will his teammates.

“They have a good buzz,” Sweeney said. “I like their mentality, their way of thinking. I think it will serve them well.”


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