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Coach Steve Kerr Returns

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At the end of another championship seasonGolden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr returns to the team. real podcast. Logan and Raja question Kerr about how he will approach the upcoming season, how the Warriors plan to develop their young players and support their seniors, and of course they all tell stories along the way.

Steve Kerr discusses his approach to the 2022-23 NBA season and his expectations for Jordan Poole, James Wiseman and other young players for the Golden State Warriors.

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Logan Murdoch: Steve, guys, this season you are going to defend the title – I don’t know if this is expected or unexpected – but how are you going to coach this season? What do you think this season will bring in terms of how you need to train him?

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Steve Kerr: I think it will be a continuation of last season, but with the realization of how good we can be. Last year we had such a plan for the development of our young guys -[James] Sage, [Jonathan] Come on, [Moses] Moody, Jordan Poole. We thought we could go back to fighting for the title, but we really didn’t know. We knew Clay [Thompson] was going to come back, so we felt like we could do both, but as it turned out, obviously we won the title.

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So this year is really a continuation of that. We still need to develop these young guys because our older guys are now nine behind their careers. But knowing, “Hey, we just won a championship, we know how to do it,” I think gives us a little more confidence in our plan for the future, as long as we’re healthy and functioning well for the postseason. we can do it again.

King Bell: I don’t know if many listeners know, and I don’t know if you guys do it even from a philosophical point of view, Steve, but at the exit interviews, when the season ended, you went in, sat with your grandmaster and your coach – especially when you were one of those young players that Steve talks about and they were like, “Hey, you did X, Y, and Z. That’s where we see you. That’s where we ideally would like you to progress, get better. Spend some time on this in the summer.”

So, as far as these young guys, Steve, I don’t know if you’re comfortable, but how do you see the development of each of them? What is the next step you guys would like them to take?

Kerr: Each one is different. Jordan Poole made the leap last year to become a really high level player, so his next step is to be the best guy with two sides. He really dynamizes the attacking player. He’s a lot stronger and more athletic than I think people think, even maybe more than he thinks, so could he be a two sided guy like Klay Thompson? This is his next step.

You go down the list and each guy has his own things that he needs to improve. For Wiseman, it’s really about getting healthy. Missed all of last year, he just needs to play. Good thing he had a great summer. He plays pickup every day. His knee is in excellent condition. There will be natural progression with him because he is a big man and big guys usually take longer to develop. He just needs reps, but most of all he needs to be healthy, so this is for him.

I could go on with the list, but we need to do all of this in the context of trying to win games and get ready for the playoffs, so it’s not an easy task. Because there will be nights when these guys play a lot, and there will be nights when they don’t play that much, and you have to keep going.

Murdoch: You mentioned Wiseman, and I think the last time you were in a group, Wiseman was in the midst of his rookie runoff year, right? He showed really great spurts. I remember that dunk in Detroit where he just went all the way across the court and just slammed it, and it’s like something we haven’t seen from the center before on your roster.

But right now, what are your reasonable expectations for him this season? Because he didn’t play much basketball, but he shows jerks when he can. What are the reasonable expectations of him if you want to win the title this season?

Kerr: Well, I want to be fair to him and to [Kevon Looney], Loon is our starting five. He is a champion. He won several rings. In the playoffs, he has proven that he can switch and guard almost anyone, and he also has what it takes to be really effective offensively with his knowledge, screen setup, pattern recognition and all that.

So actually Wise will support Loon, but Wise has the ability to do some things that Loon can’t, no. 1 is a frontal threat. So we need to put Wise in a position where he can dive to the edge, giving us some vertical spacing that we haven’t had since probably JaVale. [McGee], this year. He runs great on the floor.

The most important thing for James is that he has the ability to be a really dominant defender with his size and speed, but it takes a lot of reps, so we’re going to ask him to defend and run around and be that. frontal threat – and I have no doubt that he will get better and better as the season progresses and he has a great future.

This transcript has been edited for clarity.

Hosts: Logan Murdoch and Raja Bell.
Guest: Steve Kerr
Producers: Bobby Wagner and Sasha Ashall

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