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College baseball rankings: 2023 top 25 poll

It will take a long time to knock LSU out of the No. 1 rankings, but the Tigers continue to prove why they are the best team in the country. In four games last week, they scored 44 runs, 26 of which came in one game. They are the real deal.

Things are really starting to heat up in college baseball as conferences begin this week in some leagues.

Key game of last week: Florida 14, Miami 4. By allowing Miami to take the lead on Saturday, Florida returned the favor with Wyatt Langford in the lead. He hit home with two runs in the bottom of the eighth to end an exciting week of play that earned him SEC Player of the Week honors (.500/.560/1.200 with five HR over five starts). Miami ended up falling out of the top 25 after losing the weekend series to the Gators.

Key game worth watching: State of North Carolina in Miami on Friday, March 10 (7:00 pm ET on the ACC network). North Carolina State has a perfect 12-0 record to start the cause, and Miami may just be one of the first real tests of the wolf pack when it enters the conference. Miami will certainly be looking to bounce back from their loss to Florida and that should give us a real sense of the strength of the ACC this year.

Key players to watch out for: Cannon Peebles, North Carolina. Can Peebles continue his run with six hits and 10 RBIs over the weekend? Peebles started the season a little slower, but he may have just found his way. The Wolf Pack have one game ahead of the Miami series, giving Peebles one more opportunity to perfect his game before heading to Coral Gables.

Game of the week: Colby Shelton has real power in his swing.

Here are the other schools in the ranking Top 25 Polls:

*Games until Sunday March 5th

1. LSU (10-1)
2. Stanford (9-2)
3. Tennessee (11-2)
4. Ole Miss (10-2)
5. Wake Forest (13-0)
6. Florida (10-3)
7. Vanderbilt (8-4)
8. Arkansas (9-2)
9. Louisville (10-1)
10. TCU (7-4)
11. Virginia Tech (9-2)
12. East Carolina (7-3)
13. Oklahoma State (8-3)
14. North Carolina (9-3)
15. Texas A&M (7-4)
16. UCLA (9-2)
17. Virginia (11-0)
18. Alabama (12-0)
19. North Carolina State (12-0)
20. South Carolina (11-1)
21. Florida State (8-3)
22. South Miss. (8-3)
23. Iowa (9-1)
24. Campbell (8-2)
25. Oregon State (9-2)


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