Unfortunately, injuries have been an all-too-common topic among the 2022 graduates. Arkansas Jr.’s Nick Smith, Duke’s Derek Lively II, and Duke’s Daric Whitehead were the three highest-ranked freshmen, but were each suspended with significant losses. injury. But that doesn’t mean the freshmen haven’t excelled this season, it’s just that they weren’t the names we’d expect at the Power 6 conferences.

We have divided all the best players in each league into two different categories:

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    Real contenders: Pretty obvious, right? If a player falls into this category, they’ve had a fantastic season, but competition for the coveted Freshman of the Year award is fierce. But they are certainly strong contenders for Freshman of the Year awards at their respective conferences.

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    Should include them in the Looking for schedule for now.: You saw the schedule at the end of the NFL season where a random team with 7 wins is included in the Playoffs schedule even though they may not have a realistic chance of making the Big Dance. It might be a bit aggressive, but it will take a lot of effort for players who have been placed in this category to achieve Freshman of the Year because the other stallions were so good.

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Let’s dive in.