College basketball rankings: Miami, UCLA leap in CBS Sports’ Top 25 And 1; TCU, Tennessee tumble

The grueling season of college basketball is divided into three aspects. Non-conference play is the first goal. Sunday’s regular season finals marked the end of the second stanza. It’s time for the third segment: the post-season game. CBS Sports Top 25 And 1 Daily Ranking reflect the progressive grind to March Madness.

In March, many teams are moving in the right direction. UCLA put the finishing touches on the Pac-12 Championship on Saturday. Miami earned a piece of the ACC crown with a big win over Pitt. One banner is fun, but putting up a second banner is the most important task.

“I think in college right now the whole key is to have good high schoolers like Isaiah Wong who stayed here for four years to lead us to this championship or Jordan Miller who moved on to be part of the Elite Eight. and now part of the ACC championship or Norchad Omier and Nigel Pak, who came in and made a huge impact,” said Miami coach Jim Larranaga. “The guy I singled out in the dressing room picked the perfect time to be our top scorer, Wooga Poplar was just great on both ends of the floor today.”

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Here’s a look at CBS Sports college basketball columnist Gary. Updated by Parrish Top 25 & 1 after a wild Saturday.


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