Michigan changed the Big Ten in 2021 by defeating Ohio State and then winning the Big Ten championship. The Wolverines made it to the college football playoffs for the first time, and they can certainly do it again in 2022. But since Ohio looks over-equipped, it’s quite a challenge. But what if both teams made the college football playoffs?

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Two Big Ten teams have never made the playoffs in the same year, but 2022 could be the year that changes. Or at least very boldly. late strike host Josh Pate opened his mailbag and saw this bold prediction, then quickly responded that it was likely that it would happen.

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“Both Ohio State and Michigan will make the playoffs this year.” Pate said, reading the mail bag. “How unprecedented will it be? Completely because this never happened to the Big Ten. The only two times teams from the same conference made the playoffs were both teams, both times the Georgia-Alabama combo… I put a nine on the courage scale. First, just because I just said how hard it is. Secondly, I could get with the theory. If you told me that you think Ohio State and Michigan State would be strong enough teams to make the playoffs, you would talk to me. Schedule dynamics make this so difficult. They play each other for the last week of the regular season.

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“So, I’m trying to think to myself, obviously there are scenarios where this could happen, but what should happen? And I think what has to happen is that Michigan has to lose. You probably have a better chance. here if Michigan loses because if they are unbeatable, if Michigan is unbeatable and they go to Columbus this year and they lose competitive game and that’s the only notch on their resume I could see it. I could see they weren’t going to Indianapolis to play for the title in the conference, or maybe they actually do, maybe the Big Ten are changing their rules like Pac-12 did, but I can see it.” .

Michigan and Ohio State are definitely capable of being playoff teams this season. The Buckeyes have been regular playoff contenders, and head coach Ryan Day has led the team to the final four twice: losing to Clemson in the semi-finals in the 2019-20 season and then beating Clemson but losing to Alabama in the 2020 national championship game. -21.

“I’m not sure even if Ohio State is undefeated, I’m not sure if they get this game at home and they lose again to Michigan, although that shouldn’t even enter the equation again because it’s one year and one year. only I’m still not sure what this committee will do,” Pate said. “So there is a way this can happen. I’m just saying it’s very brave. Odds of the Ohio National Championship are currently third odds of winning among the favorites and +450. Michigan is 12 years old. This is +4000. And in fact they have 19 draws with clubs like Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Utah, Oregon, Florida. So that’s pretty bold, I’m going to give it to you. Nine is almost as long as we walk here.

Alabama and Georgia have made the college football playoffs twice, both outside the SEC. The biggest difference is that these two schools have the advantage as the two teams are in different divisions.

Sometimes a match in the SEC Championship can be profitable, like last season.

For Ohio State and Michigan to qualify for the CFP, the Buckeyes and Wolverines would most likely have to be 11-0 ahead of the final week of the regular season. The winner then had to win the Big Ten Championship 13–0 to secure a playoff spot.

At this point, the underdog will be 11-1 outwardly looking at the look of the title game and should hope he can sneak in as the No. 4 team.

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This has been done before, but it can be a stretch, especially in the Big Ten with the states of Michigan and Ohio.