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College Football Playoff Rankings reactions: Alabama overrated, USC underrated in latest top 25

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Collegiate football in week 12 was a wild situation with each of the top four teams in the country struggling to come out victorious. Did it shake up this week’s issue of the magazine? College Football Playoff Ranking? Not really. The top four remained the same with Georgia in first place, Ohio State in second, Michigan in third, and TCU in fourth after defeating Baylor.

However, there was a shake-up behind the top four teams. Among the most notable moves was Tennessee’s fall from 5th to 10th after a crushing loss to unranked South Carolina, and North Carolina slipped from 13th to 17th after a loss to Georgia Tech.

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So which teams in the updated College Football Playoff Rankings are overrated and underrated this last weekend of the regular season? Let’s see.

Overrated: Alabama

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The two-loss Crimson Tide finished in 7th place, one ahead of the one-loss Clemson and three places ahead of the Tennessee team with the same record they lost to in October. Why? Because of the novelty bias and the fact that Tennessee just smoked South Carolina out of the rankings? This is not a reasonable excuse.

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Alabama struggled to beat Texas, Arkansas, Texas A&M and Ole Miss. This is in addition to the “good losses” of No. 5 LSU and No. 10 Tennessee, which CFP selection committee chairman Bu Corrigan alluded to on air. “Game control” is a metric the committee often cites, and this year Alabama has struggled to control multiple games even in wins. Crimson Tide took seventh place because of brand recognition – no more and no less.

Underrated: USC

The Trojans have wins at #21 at Oregon State and #18 at UCLA, the last of which came in week 12. The only loss was a one-point wild loss en route to 14th in Utah. Why is he behind LSU with two losses? It looks like this is either more of a nod to the SEC, or, conversely, a fine to Pac-12.

The Tigers have two losses, a Week 1 loss to No. 16 Florida State and a crushing loss at home to No. 10 Tennessee. Their landmark victories are over No. 7 Alabama and No. 20 Ole Miss. These are solid victories, but they what much better than what USC posted? No. USC should be rewarded for 10 wins, not penalized for conference perception despite having a better resume than the team above it.

Overrated: Oregon

The two-loss Ducks finished in 9th place after beating Utah 20-17, which, don’t get me wrong, is a fantastic win. However, they are two weeks away from a home loss to #13 Washington, which snapped a 23-game home winning streak at Otzen Stadium.

Oregon benefits from the doubt because he has a “good” loss to top-ranked Georgia in the first week, although it was a 49-3 breakout in which the Dougs could have put up 70 if they wanted to. The difference in points should matter… at least a little. It looks like Oregon is being rewarded simply for playing Georgia in Atlanta, not for what he actually did on the field at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

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Underrated: Washington

The Huskies, ranked 13th in the “underrated” section, go hand in hand with Oregon, which is listed as “overrated.” Washington defeated Oregon on the road to win over No. 21 Oregon State. It should matter. The passing offense under quarterback Michael Penix Jr. is one of the most dynamic in the country, and coach Calen DeBoer turned a once-proud program into a contender in just one season.

Washington lost to UCLA, the team Oregon defeated. He also has an inexplicable loss to the state of Arizona, which clearly caused more resonance within the conference room than the Husky’s personal victory over the ducks. If everyone is equal, or at least close to equal, the result of head-to-head meetings should matter. Washington is close enough in terms of summary to deserve a higher ranking than Oregon.


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