College football rankings: Georgia jumps Ohio State for No. 1 amid latest shakeup atop CBS Sports 131


With several top teams suffering losses in college football in week 10, the updated college football rankings are ready to be reset in the final three weeks of the regular season. In CBS Sports 131, our comprehensive ranking of every FBS team that includes a #1 change to give us another unique combination in the top three and the highest ranking so far for two college football playoff contenders.

While Georgia was No. 1 in the AP Top 25 poll, the state of Ohio ranked first in our ranking. Now, with the Bulldogs scoring their best win — and arguably one of the best wins of the season for any team — after a two-touchdown victory over Tennessee, Georgia has moved from 3rd to first.

It was a situation where the Buckeyes, who had beaten the Northwestern over the weekend in adverse weather, may not have been able to fend off a jump from Georgia, regardless of the difference with the Wildcats. But with the closer-than-expected final in Evanston, Illinois, it’s easier for our voters to make the decision to elevate the Bulldogs to first place.

Just behind Ohio State at number 2 is the archrival Buckeyes. Michigan earned their highest ranking of the season by finishing 3rd after beating Rutgers. TCU, which also improved to 9-0 after beating Texas Tech, also hit its season-high CBS Sports 131 ranking from 7th to 4th.

Of course, all of these shake-ups at the top came from losses to Tennessee, Clemson, and Alabama in Week 10. Vols suffered the least in terms of ranking reaction, relegating three sports to 5th place. The Crimson Tide dropped four spots to No. 10, while the Tigers fell out of the top 10 entirely, dropping seven spots to No. 12.

LSU has risen noticeably this week after a thrilling victory over Alabama, moving from 14th to 8th, but farther up the rankings there have been much more dramatic shifts in terms of up and down movement. To learn more about these notable weekly adjustments, check out Mover’s Report below the Top 25 table.

College football experts at CBS Sports and 247Sports publish weekly bulletins that are averaged together for our rankings. You can see the top 25 below and 26-131 on our rankings page.

classifyTeamWrite downPrevious
9University of California at Los Angeles8-1ten
elevenbe miss8-1eleven
fourteenpenn state7-216
fifteenNorth Carolina8-117
eighteenstate of North Carolina7-223
twentyKansas State6-3fifteen
22Our lady6-334

Biggest driving forces

  • No. 22 Notre Dame (+12): In a week where fewer teams made sharp moves up than those that lost big losses, the Fighting Irish are featured in one of the few shifts where voters have changed their minds for the better. The start of the season was brutal, but Marcus Freeman’s band turned things around. Saturday’s dominant victory over Clemson makes this team deserving of recognition as one of the best teams in the country with three defeats.
  • No. 51 Iowa (+12): All Iowa needs are potentially dangerous wind conditions and presumably the attack will begin. The Hawkeyes went to Purdue as underdogs but picked up an early win and scored a major victory in their postseason hopes. Now 5-4, the Hawkeyes only need one win over the trio of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Nebraska to qualify for the cup.
  • No. 34 Syracuse (-12): A win-win start saw Orange rise to a high position on CBS Sports 131, but as the losses piled up, there were weekly drops. The loss to Clemson didn’t hit Syracuse too hard, but combined with a one-sided loss to Notre Dame and now Saturday’s loss to Pitt, that team fell out of the top 30.
  • No. 41 Maryland (-12): Our voters have been pushing Maryland up the rankings for the past few weeks, but they needed a big win before they were ready to push terps into the top 25. There was such an opportunity on Saturday in Wisconsin, but a 23-10 loss to the Badgers sent them quickly out of the top 40.
  • Well 49 Arkansas (-14): The Liberty’s rise is also a loss for Arkansas as the Razorbacks fell ahead of the house fire and their stock plummeted. Once considered one of the top 20 teams in the country, Arkansas is now ranked 5th-4th with two games left against the top 15 teams (LSU, Ole Miss), meaning the postseason can be sweaty.
  • No. 55 Purdue (-14): The Boilermakers’ hopes of breaking into the Big 10 in the West in November were hit hard by Saturday’s home loss to Iowa. A win would have put Purdue 6-3 and flirting with top 30 status, but losing—both the result and the margin—forces our voters to exclude Boilermakers from the top 50.
  • No. 35 Oklahoma State (-16): Now that’s a 26-place drop in the past two weeks for the Cowboys, which followed a loss to Kansas State and a loss to Kansas State on Saturday. Injuries have increased significantly, and in a Big 12 game with so many competing teams, there is very little room for error.

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