Georgia received their 10th commitment for the 2023 cycle on Thursday, and it was a big one as the Dawgs received their first five-star recruit in their class. Phoenix City (Alabama) center back AJ Harris announced his commitment to Georgia over Florida, Alabama and Clemson. Harris, who was due to make his official visit to Florida this weekend, decided instead to add his name to the Dougs’ list of commitments.

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“one00000% LOCKED AND DONE. I’m HOME,” Harris wrote on his personal Twitter account.

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A year ago, the Daugs were considered Harris’ first leaders. Later, Clemson gained momentum, then Alabama caught his attention, and Florida was considered the leader this spring. Georgia hosted Harris for an official visit on June 3 and eventually honored his commitment by giving minor freshman coach Fran Brown a big win over Florida assistant Corey Raymond.

Harris made 31 tackles, three pass interruptions, two forced fumbles and allowed only one catch during his junior season. On offense, he had 13 carries for 172 yards and five touchdowns, 13 catches for 307 yards and two touchdowns. He also returned three punts for touchdowns and two kickoffs for touchdowns. Harris is ranked No. 25 in the nation overall, No. 5 cornerback, and No. 5 rookie in Alabama according to the industry-created 247Sports Composite. Harris joined Las Vegas (Nevada) four-star Bishop Gorman quarterback Justin Rhett to give the Dogs two defensive class commitments.

Below is the 247Sports Scouting report on Harris from December 27, 2021.

“Ideal size for his position: 6ft 1in and 180lbs. Possesses an explosive lower body and the ability to add extra weight to his body. Demonstrates good athletic ability in all three phases of the game. clicks in a safe position, but shows some defensive ability in a corner position.

Fast explosive player. Demonstrates excellent speed in short sections and the ability to change direction. Demonstrates the ability to quickly enter and exit the reverse pedal. Has good game speed. Great for downhill play and short to midfield play. Aggressive defender support run. Flashing some key and diagnostic ability with the ability to quickly close the space. Violent at the point of attack. Will hit you.

Although he has the physical ability to play in the corner position, he may see a natural progression to a nickel or a deep safety role. He will need to continue to develop as a full-back in deep field, but he has a good feel for the game in the bottom of the field.

Acts as a versatile secondary defender that can be used in a variety of ways. He is best suited to play close to the line of scrimmage where he can let his size and fitness take over. Will add immediate contribution of special commands to several units in the next level. Has the opportunity to become a Power Five starter at all conferences and should contribute as early as possible at the collegiate level.”