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College football recruiting: FSU in position to become Sunshine State’s ‘alpha’ over Miami, Florida

The state of Florida is currently ranked #3 in the 2023 recruiter rankings in the ACC behind Miami and Clemson. When a FSU-level team doesn’t win first place in a recruiting conference, it can lead to groans, but recruiting analyst Blair Angulo is pleased with the performance of the coach Mike Norvell and his staff did. Andrew Ivins was also positive about the class. Evans recently detailed why the state of Florida is in a great position to become “alpha” and establish itself as the premier program in the state.

“Miami wanted Conrad Hussey, top 247 security. The State of Florida flipped him from Penn State on the second day of the early signing period… what they did in the minor, a new DB coach came in, Pat Sertain moved from the Miami Dolphins,” Ivins said. a ton of noise already in South Florida. Everyone was talking about last year, the state of Florida kind of licked their lips after what happened, tail between their legs after what happened to Travis Hunter. They are making a difference and they are now in the best position to make a fuss as the state’s alpha as Miami recovers and Florida recovers.”

Florida State ranks 16th overall in a mix of high school recruits with talent coming through the transfer portal. Fellow recruiting analyst Andrew Ivins detailed why the state of Florida is in a great position to be the top program in the state.

“Maybe if you’re a Florida State fan, you’ll look at the class and say, ‘OK, we could do better,'” Angulo said. “But I still think they did a pretty good job considering all the hype that Mario Cristobal arrived in Miami, all the noise Billy Napier was in Florida. You were supposed to look at the state of Florida and say, well, what are you going to do about it? How are you going to hold your ground not only in this state, but in the region, and how are you going to fight back some of these battles that you have to fight against Cristobal and other schools that you oppose? If you look at where they stack up, I think you should take what they did in 2023.

Florida State ended the 2022 season as one of the hottest teams in the country with a six-game winning streak. The momentum from that success continued into the early offseason as the Seminoles not only brought back key players like the quarterback. Jordan Travis and edge rusher Jared Verse, but enter 16th place in the ranking of newcomers. The Seminoles are looking to add 27 players, including nine transfers with some big names on the roster, like the talented tight end. Jaheim Bell who flew out of South Carolina. The high school rookie class is led by five-star wide receiver Hakim Williams, a Fort Lauderdale (FL) Stranahan native.

The Seminole’s ability to balance recruiting and the portal has been praised by recruiting analyst Carl Reid.

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“The state of Florida was able to identify the needs, and that’s the main thing,” Reed said. “When you ask how many high school students I have compared to how many transfer portals I have, some guys want to stick to a certain percentage, but I think what the state of Florida did was they just identified the needs. And when they identified the needs and the player who could fill them, they went out and got them. Whether it’s a transfer portal or a high school, they went and got them. Florida State’s main additions this year on the transfer portal, for the second year in a row they dominated it and Mike Norvell does a great job and he has that deal when you think about the recruiting class he was able to put together.”


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