Los Alamitos (CA) five-star guard Malachi Nelson visited Texas A&M last weekend despite being tied to USC since Nov 30th. Lincoln Riley in Oklahoma, but scrapped when the head coach left for Los Angeles and made a promise to the Trojans just a few days later. Will he be able to get a second divorce? What ultimately happens remains to be seen, but Nelson’s interest in Texas A&M is “real,” according to 247Sports recruiting director Steve Wiltfong.

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“The big news of the weekend was – and Greg Biggins, my colleague, national analyst from the west, was at the center of things – Malachi NelsonNo. 2 player overall Top247, quarterback, longtime USC loyalist, even more Lincoln Rileycommitted to Lincoln Riley in Oklahoma, then decommissioned and transferred to USC when Lincoln Riley took my game to Pac-12 and Southern Cal Malachi Nelson pops up during a visit to Texas A&M”, Wiltfong said on the Recruiting Wiltfong. “Talked to some people who spent some time with Malachi. Purely in terms of Texas A&M, I think people think Texas A&M will be hard to flip Malachi Nelson from USC and its connections with Lincoln Riley and his love of that offense and of course his connections to the area and helping USC build this class.”

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Texas A&M doesn’t have a quarterback singled out in the class of 2023, and Nelson could very well add to that.

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“But I think they believe that the interest in A&M is real, and the idea of ​​playing somewhere else – outside of Los Angeles – is also real when Malachi Nelson can use Bryce Young and C.J. Stroud as a source and listen to them, and these guys talk about what a wonderful experience they had when they left Los Angeles and flourished in Alabama, flourished in Ohio, ”said Wiltfong. “I think these comments and these conversations resonated enough with him to perhaps make sure he dotted the I’s and crossed out the T’s when applying for a job.

“He moved to Oklahoma very early and then just moved to USC. I know that he attended college several times as a freshman and sophomore. He is one of the first recruits in this class. He is one of the cleanest football throwers in America.”

Nelson is on the USC 2023 Recruiting Group, which is ranked 13th in the nation and has long been on the radar of the recruiting industry.

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“I first saw him at a QB Collective event in Indianapolis two years ago,” Wiltfong said. “He’s throwing with Caleb Williams and (Garrett) Nussmeier and Drake May, and he was arguably the best ball thrower in that place and in that setting that day. He has been one step ahead as a thrower for many years. Thus, he became the first major quarterback recruit along with Arch Manning to get lots of offers. He moves early to Oklahoma, then to USC. So you never even went through the process. And now, from my vantage point, I see a young man who is just going through the process – dotting the I, crossing the T. Sure, he still loves Coach Riley, still feels he has a lot of potential, but let’s see if there’s a better option. Watched A&M. Let’s see what happens to him in the future and Greg Biggins will certainly keep us updated on the story.”