College football spring bowl projections for the 2023 season

Continuing our pre-season prediction this month, 247Sports College Football’s spring cup predictions, which are too early, come out ahead of the 2023 season, the final campaign before the college football playoff expansion in 2024.

You’re probably asking yourself, what kind of crazy person writes college football preseason predictions? 10 months from the present? It’s part of what makes spring training interesting in the offseason, projections of where these teams will end up in the postseason and how rookies and transfers will match their new teams’ level of success.

We’ve trimmed this too-early prediction down to 20 games and only included bowls related to the Power Five competition. There will be other Power Five teams invited to the bowl season, but some of them will compete in Group of Five competition games. The tie-ins are based on our expectations, but not everything is decided yet.

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Here are our first guesses about next season’s major games.


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