After the 4-6-1 week, this might not be the best time to tell you that you’re going to hate what I’m handing out here – like the neighbor handing out pennies or circus peanuts on Halloween. This will test your stomach. But let me ask you something – are you afraid? I didn’t think so. Ten of them, which are snapshots of my weird brain.

Season: 42-33-3

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Kentucky (-1, 40) to Missouri
Noon ET on the SEC network, Memorial Stadium / Fauro Field, Columbia, MO.

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Van Pelt’s Choice: Missouri (+1)

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Who’s in our midday window, Scotty? Well, I’ll tell you – one team is unbeatable for us in this segment. We were with them last week at South Cack, where they won big, and we play with them at home in Colombia. Missouri gets the nod against Kentucky.

SVP: 3-0 with Missouri pick this season

No. 17 North Carolina in Virginia
Noon ET on the ACC network, Scott Stadium, Charlottesville, Virginia.

Van Pelt Pick: Virginia (+7)

Now let’s turn to a team that I keep picking but doesn’t cover against a team I keep picking against that just keeps covering. Why would you take Wahoos again, Van Pelt? ‘Cause I’m deadpan and I should.

SVP: 26-12-1 all the time when selecting an unranked ACC team vs a ranked ACC team

Marshall (-3, 46.5) to Old Dominion
2:00 pm ET on Sportzshala+, SB Ballard Stadium, Norfolk, Virginia.

Van Pelt’s Choice: Old Dominion (+3)

Now, as America’s #1 sun belt advertises, I’m excited to share with you that we have a couple of picks to release. Old Dominion in Norfolk as a little underdog against Marshall.

SVP: 8-0 in Sun Belt matches this season

Georgia State in Southern Miss (-2, 48)
3:00 pm ET on Sportzshala+, MM Roberts Stadium, Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Van Pelt’s Choice: Georgia State (+2)

We’re also on the team that eliminated the Monarchs last week – Georgia State in Hattiesburg against the Southern Miss team who are playing very well and have won 3 in a row. We are on the Panthers in the Rock.

SVP: 8-0 in Sun Belt games this season!!!!

No. 15 Penn State (-14, 49) in Indiana
3:30 p.m. on ABC, Memorial Stadium, Bloomington, IN.

Van Pelt Pick: Indiana (+14)

Now things are getting really sketchy: Penn State punished me every time I went up against him, and Indiana lost five games in a row. But we’re riding the desperate Hoosiers against the Nittany Lions in a potential disappointment spot.

SVP: 4-2, picking Big Ten conference games this season

No. 1 in Tennessee and No. 3 in Georgia (-8, 67.0)
3:30 pm ET, Sanford Stadium, Athens, Georgia.

Van Pelt Pick: Georgia (-8)

Now this should be fun. Tennessee, you are amazing. You are the funniest team in America to watch. You are #1. I have picked against you four times this year against the spread. Lost them all. This happened to Clemson a few years ago. He continued to score points and receive exclamations. I could again. But everyone gets points because the line looks like a mistake given your violation. It? Let’s see. Athens, sing with me: Who is this walking down the path? Evil car in red and black. That stubborn old goat in silver pants.

SVP: 7-1 all time picking Georgia

South Carolina (-7, 48.5) vs. Vanderbilt
7:30 pm ET on SEC Network, FirstBank Stadium, Nashville, TN.

Van Pelt’s Choice: Vanderbilt (+7)

From reigning national champions to a team that has been 179-45 behind in their last four games. Who would do such a thing? Who would support the Commodores? I would. ‘Cause I’m light like Sunday morning baby Vandy is the house anchor against the Gamecocks.

SVP: 4-6 all-time with Vanderbilt pick (lost last five)

No. 4 Michigan (-26, 45.5) at Rutgers
7:30 pm ET, SHI Stadium, Piscataway, New Jersey.

Van Pelt Pick: Rutgers (+26)

Why don’t you take Rutgers, too, since you’re there. Okay, I will. We didn’t break up? Yes, but that was years ago and it’s nice to support a team that just lost to a top 5 team, right?

SVP: 1-5 all-time when drafted by Rutgers (176 points behind overall)

Clemson No. 5 (-3.5, 47.5) at Notre Dame
7:30 pm ET, Notre Dame Stadium, Notre Dame, Indiana.

Van Pelt Pick: Notre Dame (+3.5)

We are almost done and we can step back and look at our work. But a couple more for fun. Notre Dame won for us last week in Syracuse. Can a team that lost at home to Marshall and Stanford really beat Clemson? No need to hit them – just stay within three and we’ll all laugh.

SVP: 3-0 all time with Notre Dame

No. 10 UCLA (-11, 66) in Arizona
9:30 pm ET, Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe, Arizona.

Van Pelt Pick: Arizona State (+11)

What about night sweats in the desert? Stay up before dawn with the Sun Devils. I’m going, who’s with me?

SVP: 28-21 all-time in conference Pac-12 picks.