Week 5 of the 2022 college football season brought us a close encounter (Georgia), a staggering disappointment (TCU), a reserve quarterback to replace the Heisman winner who led Alabama to a rankings win (Jalen Milro), and plenty of moments to make us love the sport.

Best Catch

Javanese lofton. That’s all. Look. Then look again.

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This is definitely one of the best catches of the season from the Liberty receiver.

The best holiday

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The sold-out crowd at Voth Hemingway Stadium weren’t the only group to celebrate the Ole Miss’s spectacular 22-19 victory over Kentucky on Saturday, Hotty Toddy style.

The same thing happened to the Ole Miss defensive coaches in the bustling coaching booth after Jared Ivey knocked the ball out of the hands of Kentucky quarterback Will Lewis in the last minute to save the Rebels’ 13th home win.

It was the kind of game where both teams made big plays and big mistakes. But the Rebels defense, coach Lane Kiffin said, had “an important defensive day” when it was needed. And not once, but twice. The Rebels had Lewis fiddling with Kentucky’s last two possessions in the game.

“It got to the last game and our guys showed up,” Kiffin said.

Ole Miss (5-0) won 10 regular season games a year ago for the first time in school history. The Rebels could easily start the season 7-0 with the next two games against Vanderbilt away and Auburn at home.

The Ole Miss touchline (and not just the coaching booth) was just as wild after holding there at the end over a team from Kentucky who entered the game and finished 7th nationally.

“It was so crazy,” said Ole Miss wide receiver Malik Heath. “We thought, ‘No way, we just did it. We believed in our defense. We think our defense is the best defense in the country… We weren’t worried. They held them once, so we thought they would do it again.”

They did and the party started.

— Chris Lowe

Best Quote

If Mike Leach had to come up with a game plan for a wedding, Mississippi State’s head coach would keep it simple and repeat one point over and over again:

Run away. Run away. Run away.

Whether coming from experience or not, that was Leach’s wedding advice to SEC Network reporter Alyssa Lang on Saturday.

“As soon as the season or even the week is over, run away,” Leach said. “Trust me, run away. Because basically every woman in the family will terrorize you guys until it’s over. When it’s over, I mean, they’ll be upset for a few days, but it’ll all be over. and then you will travel and you will have a happy marriage, a happy life.”

Leach even added that he told all of his children that he would give them an extra $10,000 if they ran away.

“Until they did,” Leach said. “But I would too.

— Paolo Uggetti

Little school moment of the week

North Dakota State has become the FCS’s flagship program by figuring out how to combine the modernity needed to produce two of the last decade’s top five quarterback picks with a ton of old-school hilarious fitness. While the typical college football offense doesn’t see much use in defensemen, NDSU lists five of them on its roster, including 236-pound Hunter Luepke, last year’s MVP title and Walter Payton Award nominee.

Luepke gained 106 rushing and receiving yards and scored his seventh and eighth touchdowns of the season in Saturday’s 27–14 win over Youngstown State; the second went viral not necessarily because of his exploits, but because of those around him.

Luepke and three other defensemen shared the field for his 12-yard run late in the first quarter. It’s fun when you can double your brand and score a touchdown at the same time, huh? (Also on the brand: Bison’s victory ended in less than three hours. The clock rarely stops when the ball is at NDSU.)

— Bill Connelly

best mascot moment

BYU eliminated Utah State 38-26 Thursday in Provo to hold onto the Old Wagon Wheel in the last scheduled meeting between the two schools before the Cougars move to the Big 12.

Quarterback Jaren Hall led BYU with 17 of 37 passes for 274 yards and three touchdowns, while running back Christopher Brooks added 90 yards to land on the ground.

Although, depending on who you ask, BYU’s most impressive performance of the evening may have come from Cougar Cosmo, who did the following:

The table trick is just the latest in an already impressive talent arsenal from Cosmo.

— Harry Lyles Jr.


TCU makes a statement

Sonny Dykes grew up surrounded by what is now the Big Twelve while his father, Spike, worked as an assistant in Texas and head coach at Texas Tech. After his father retired, Dykes returned to coach Mike Leach’s receivers at Tech from 2000 to 2006. Dykes triumphantly returned to the league in his first Big 12 game as head coach on Saturday, choking out freshman head coach Brent Venables. and Oklahoma 55-24. There is no doubt that it meant something to him to get his first victory over the Sooners.

“It was a good match,” Dykes said after the game. “I coached against Oklahoma for a long time and didn’t have much success against these guys. you will be delighted with it. You will see this as an opportunity to make a name for yourself and as a program to make a move. And I definitely think we made it today. We were not outclassed. We don’t look like that.”

That would be an understatement. The Frogs moved the ball however they wanted, running for 361 yards and passing for 307 yards, no losses. A week ago, the student section of TCU chanted Dykes’ name at SMU, where he previously coached, which he said was a little embarrassing. However, this week Dykes looked like he felt at home again.

— Dave Wilson

DTR and UCLA put on a show

On a night when his opponent on the other side was a quarterback who was starting to stir up a buzz with Heisman, UCLA senior quarterback fifth year Dorian Thompson-Robinson turned the Rose Bowl into his personal playground. DTR has been known to break barriers and jump with Washington defensemen en route to an upset victory, but no game has looked smoother than this pirouette at the goal line.

As Thompson-Robinson reached the end zone with a short run, he deftly slid to the right of a jumping defender, causing him to crash into a teammate. It looked like something out of a choreographed dance program and it allowed DTR to get through to the end zone untouched.

The performance lifted the Bruins by 23 and embodied the statement they made on Friday night. After Chip Kelly’s team was ignored for beating four smaller teams at the start of the season, Chip Kelly’s team made their presence known in the Pac-12 with a signature win that the Bruins had lacked in past seasons.

With some continuity led by DTR and the addition of transfers like wide receiver Jake Bobo, UCLA is suddenly looking like a conference contender that will at least present tough matches for the top tier Pac-12s from Utah, Oregon. and USC. . Who knows, maybe in a few weeks we will also consider the Bruins as part of this group.

— Objects