Collin Sexton expects to start for Jazz once he gets back to full speed As he chases record, LeBron says he has ‘no relationship’ with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Watch Zion Williamson score 13 in return to court for Pelicans Wembanyama scores 37, Scoot Henderson 28, as both make case to go No.1 Royce O’Neal on Durant, Irving trade rumors: ‘That was the summer’


After a staggering trade that was centered around Donovan Mitchell sent Colleen Sexton in Utah, he was immediately expected to go to the Jazz and get the final green light.

However, that didn’t happen in their first pre-season game against Toronto on Sunday. In 18 minutes off the bench, Sexton finished with 11 points on 4-of-9 shooting (3-of-4 on 3-pointers), as well as one rebound, two assists, two steals and two turnovers.

It came as a bit of a surprise to most viewers that Sexton didn’t get the starting nod, but he told Deseret News’ Sarah Todd that he expected to come off the bench for this game. He admitted that it was because he hadn’t played much since his meniscus surgery, but he expects to start once he’s back to full speed.

Utah hit the reset button, eliminating four of last season’s five starters. They started a new era around Sexton Lauri Markkanen, Jarred Vanderbilt, and a ton of first-round picks. Sexton has spoken of wanting to improve his passing this season and we will definitely have to see him get the opportunity to do so.

The Jazz have cemented their place at the center of Victor Vembanyama’s race, so they won’t have a problem with their young guys learning by trial and error. Just two years ago, Sexton was averaging 4.4 assists per game for Cleveland. However, he will not play alongside another young defender such as Darius Garlandso Sexton has to hold the ball more than ever in the NBA.

Later this season, health permitting, LeBron James overtake Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the NBA’s all-time leading scorer.

Kareem said LeBron deserved it, but also called on LeBron on COVID issues (for which Abdul-Jabbar apologized). The two legends started to build a relationship as LeBron goes to the record? Not so much.

“No thoughts, no relationship.”

This question was asked to LeBron days after Abdul-Jabbar criticized LeBron’s former teammate. Kyrie Irving in the Substack newsletter, calling him a “comical buffoon” and stating that he is a poor role model. Abdul-Jabbar has been a strong advocate of getting a vaccine, Irving remains unvaccinated and LeBron has posted on social media questioning the severity of the virus and the backlash. Also, LeBron and Irving are friends, which could have provoked LeBron’s laconic response (as well as the fact that he was ready to leave the arena after a dismal pre-season game).

A week earlier on the media day, LeBron was kinder when discussing Abdul-Jabbar and chasing his record.

“And you know, obviously Kareem had his own differences with some of my views and some of the things I do. But listen, in the end, be able to be on the same breath with a guy wearing the same thing. [Lakers] uniform, a guy who has been a staple of this franchise along with Magic and Big Game. [James Worthy] there’s so many years out there, especially in the 80s, and a guy who also works a lot off the floor,” LeBron said. “I think for me it’s just super duper dope even in this conversation.”

In recent years, Abdul-Jabbar has become more of a public figure, both in regards to playing basketball and in his writings, discussing issues of social justice. The NBA named its new Social Justice Award after him. With that came a new relationship around the league.

One of them is not with LeBron. Will Abdul-Jabbar be in the building when LeBron breaks the record?

We have a few months to develop this relationship – if it happens – before that big day.

Zion Williamson returned.

He certainly looked at his best and showed his insane explosive power en route to 13 points and four rebounds in 15 minutes on Tuesday night against the Bulls, his first game since he missed all of last season with knee surgery. foot.

There was a bit of rust, and the Pelicans are wisely taking it slow rather than breaking the whole game pattern for a preseason game, but in the moments we saw, Zion looked like he was completely back.

Now the questions are whether he can handle it and how the Pelicans will tie him up with other options to score in. CJ McCollum as well as Brandon Ingram.

And maybe we shouldn’t leave a recruit Dyson Daniels off that list, he looked good in his first NBA preseason game.

The Pelicans are one of the most intriguing teams this season, a team that made the playoffs last season on a run after McCollum arrived, and now they’re adding an elite high-scoring and athletic Zion to Ingram’s outside shots, not to mention what a solid core of role players. This team has six top potential players if they can make stops. But in the Deep West, nothing will be easy.

The NBA league office hates tanking – an action, a word, just a hint of it.

But there will be major losses in the NBA this season, and anyone who watched Victor Wembanyama vs. Scoot Henderson on Tuesday (aka the Ignite G-League vs. the Metropolitans 92 of France) knows exactly why.

Which. Exhibition.

Victor Wembanyama, the 2023 NBA draft no. He finished the game with 37 points, scoring 7 of 11 of 3, with five blocks, a few handles and even a couple of balls on the court.

This piece describes him well: 7ft 4in tall, Wembanyama plays with a ball in…