Colts lead 17-16 after dominant third quarter


The Colts couldn’t do anything in the first half. They had 70 yards and three points.

But Dallis Flowers opened the second half by taking an 89-yard kickoff from the Pittsburgh 19 to set up the Colts’ first touchdown of the night, and it ignited the offensive fire. The Colts had 152 yards and 14 points in the third quarter and could have had another.

Jonathan Taylor ran for a 2-yard touchdown after Flowers set up a good outfield offense. This reduced the Colts deficit to 16-10.

The Colts were on the Pittsburgh 1-yard line on their second drive the half before. Matt Ryan and Taylor was unable to connect to the transmission. The fumble was assigned to Ryan, but it could have gone to Taylor. Chris Wormley recovered for the Steelers.

However, Indianapolis immediately returned to the field, and after six plays and 55 yards, he took the lead. Michael Pittman caught a 6-yard touchdown pass from Ryan.

The Colts lead 17-16 early in the fourth quarter.

The Steelers had no points, 18 yards, and no first downs in the third quarter.