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Commanders’ Jahan Dotson leads trio of players to add this week

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Andy Behrens and Matt Harmon of Sportzshala Sports explain why fantasy managers should add a wide receiver from Washington, a rookie in New York and a veteran running back to Miami.

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Matt Harmon: Okay, we are approaching the third week. Fantasy teams in chaos. Bench places are everywhere. Andy Behrens, let’s give people three players that they can add after being rejected, maybe, maybe give them a little more hope for fantasy football.

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ANDY BERENS: Yeah, I’m going to start with… I mean, we do have a selection of rookie receivers. Receivers-beginners are still at the hearing. Jahan Dotson was great. In fact, he only saw 10 targets in a season. He calls three of them home.

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He wins controversial catches. He’s a little different from the others… but he looks like a star to me. There hasn’t been a load yet. I have to imagine that there will be eight, ten, twelve target games. And when they do, this kid will make a lot of fantastic noise.

Carson Wentz tosses the ball into the air 40 times per game. I expect it to continue for at least another week against Philadelphia. So I think Dotson is probably in the top 35-36 receivers in week three, even with the current workload.

Matt Harmon: I am with you in this. Number one in the team for the routes laid during the first two weeks. I think there will be targets too, love Jahan Dotson.

Another rookie wide receiver, as you mentioned, who is on the rise right now is Garrett Wilson of the New York Jets. Washington Football, New York Jets, crushing his imagination, what a time to live. Garrett Wilson, man, listen, I really like Elijah Moore. I am a big fan of his game. But Garrett Wilson is just hitting right now, I mean, 14 goals against the Browns.

And I was a big fan of Garrett Wilson coming to the NFL, incredible in the open field, just a real natural separator. This guy is a playmaker at all three levels of the field. And the Jets had him run more routes than Corey Davis last week. He practically pushed Braxton Berrios aside.

50% of Garrett Wilson’s shots made it into the slot in the second week. This guy is a playmaker. If he ends the season in the top 30 fantasy receivers, I wouldn’t be surprised. Obviously we have a ghost, what will it look like when Zach Wilson returns? But at the moment I think he is definitely someone who absolutely should be included in every fantasy league roster because the talent is 100% there.

ANDY BERENS: The last guy I’m going to add here is… and look, it’s not the best week as a pickup running back, for sure. But we should note that Raheem Mostert pretty much passed Chase Edmonds in Miami’s backfield in week two, getting ahead of him by touching him. Oddly enough, actually saw several targets in this game, three targets in this game, caught them all. It was promising.

So, Mostert is a guy we know very well. We’ve seen him leave in the past. He had several big games. Health was a problem for Mostert. He is healthy now.

He has a long and rich history with Mike McDaniel, McDaniel, of course, the former organizer and coordinator of the game with the Nines. So Mostert is well known to him. He’s going to play a lot while he’s healthy. He’ll be the guy we start in fantasy.

Matt Harmon: The old has become new again with the return of Raheem Mostert to our lives. Okay, these are your pickups for week three. Go get these guys. And good luck to all your teams. Hopefully they can give you a little relief.


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